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Tech Minds: Video on DJI Drone Detection on the AntSDR E200

Just recently we posted about the release of some firmware for the AntSDR E200 which allows it to decode DJI DroneID. DroneID is a protocol designed to transmit the position of the drone and operator to authorized entities such as law enforcements and operators of critical infrastructure.

In his latest video Matt from the Tech Minds YouTube channel shows this firmware in action. In the video he first shows how to install the firmware, and how to connect to its serial output. He goes on to test it with his DJI Mini 4 Pro and show some live DroneID frames being decoded.

DJI Drone Hacking Using Software Defined Radio ANTSDR E200

TechMinds: Reviewing the ANTSDR E200

A few days ago we posted about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign of the MicroPhase AntSDR E200, an SDR that is very similar to the PlutoSDR, but with a much larger FPGA and more stable TCXO. One interesting feature is that it can run PlutoSDR or USRP firmware, allowing it to work with software that supports either hardware.

Over on YouTube Matt from the TechMinds YouTube channel has received an early unit and uploaded a video review.

In the video Matt explains the features and specifications of the ANTSDR E200, shows how to set it up with either the PlutoSDR or USRP firmware, and then demonstrates it working in SDR Console and SDR Angel as an emulated PlutoSDR. He goes on to show how to install and run the USRP UHD firmware, where the ANTSDR emulates an USRP b205mini.


ANTSDR E200 set to begin Crowdfunding on CrowdSupply soon

The AntSDR E200 is a software defined radio from Microphase which will come in two flavors. The first is the 'AD9363" version with 2x2 RX/TX and a 325 - 3.8 GHz tuning range, 20 MHz bandwidth and 12-bit ADC. The second is their higher end 'AD9361' version with 2x2 RX/TX, 70 MHz - 6 GHz tuning range, 56 MHz bandwidth and 12-bit ADC.

It is currently in the prelaunch phase on CrowdSupply.

The AntSDR E200 is is based on the AD9363 / AD9361 RF SDR chips which are used in many existing mid-range software defined radios like the PlutoSDR, bladeRF and Ettus USRP's.

The design itself is very similar to the PlutoSDR and Errus B205mini, and in fact the developer has ported firmware from PlutoSDR and the Ettus UHD that allows the device to work just like those devices. It is not yet known if the AD9363 frequency range extension hack available on the PlutoSDR, and the bandwidth overclock hack on the bladeRF will be possible with the AntSDR E200 as well.

Pricing is yet to be displayed on CrowdSupply, however the the AD9363 version appears to already be available for purchase on Aliexpress for US$364.25. Update: Microphase have explained that the units on Aliexpress are not officially authorized units and the Aliexpress price is much higher than what they will charge during the crowdfunding phase.

The AntSDR E200
ANTSDR-E200 demo video

Also, over on YouTube DragonOS creator Aaron has already been testing his AntSDR with srsRAN, which is an open-source program that can create 4G and 5G basestations with compatible SDRs like the USRP. Using the modified UHD firmware, Aaron was able to get up and running with the AntSDR E200 very quickly.

DragonOS FocalX E200 w/ Osmo-Nitb-Scrips, srsRAN, and SDRAngel Preview (ANTSDR, b205mini, R29+)