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Reducing Interference in the RTL-SDR

Luis Colunga has posted an interesting tip on his blog on how he reduced broadcast FM interference in the rtl-sdr dongle. He writes

Many people have noticed that even if there is not an antenna connected to the RTL SDR FM Stations still come strong. This is not good at all because these are signals that are getting into the PCB via another way that is not the antenna.

He then goes on to explain a method he used to significantly reduce the interference, which involves removing the male USB connector from the dongle PCB, and fitting your own USB cable leaving the shield floating, which he then wraps with aluminium foil.

Interference Reduction Mod

Check out the rest of his post here.

RTL-SDR at 80m with Homemade VEE Antenna and Butterworth Filter

YouTube user VoiceOfShortWave has posted a video of his rtl-sdr dongle receiving HF LSB ham radio transmissions at 3.7MHz with excellent performance. He used a homemade VEE antenna, and also a Butterworth filter to help reduce FM band interference. His other video shows the effect of his butterworth filter with 60MHz cutoff turning on.

SDR DVB-T 80m RTL2832 hand made VEE antenna - Butterworth Filter On - 20.04.2013 - 20:49