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New Notch Filter Plugin for SDR#

SDR# plugins programmer Vasili Beliakov has recently published a new notch filter plugin for SDR#. A notch filter will allow you to remove interfering signals that appear on top of a signal of interest. An example is shown in the image below first posted on Twitter by Youssef, the main developer of SDR#. In this image there is an interfering signal within the AM signal of interest. The notch filter removes the interferer without the need to remove the entire sideband.

The plugin also has VFO tracking which allows you to save preset notch filters for particular frequencies.

The plugin can be downloaded from https://t.co/dkEaWaQSmT. New Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43061070/ifnotch.zip

Notch Filter Plugin Example
Notch Filter Plugin Example