TechMinds: Testing the RTL-SDR Blog V4

Over on his TechMinds YouTube channel Matt has uploaded a new video showing him testing out the new RTL-SDR Blog V4 dongle that we released a couple of weeks ago. In the video Matt explains the differences between the RTL-SDR Blog V3 and V4 dongles, and then goes on to show the Blog V4 dongle in action. He finishes by comparing reception between the V3 and V4, noting the reduced interference on the HF bands due to the lack of Nyquist folding from direct sampling.

We note that the first batch of the RTL-SDR Blog has currently sold out, but a new larger batch will be ready to go on sale around the end of September. So please keep an eye on the blog's main page and store if you are interested in picking one up.

RTL SDR V4 - Now with Built-In HF Upconverter + More Features

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