Using a HackRF to perform a replay attack against a Jeep Patriot

Over on his blog Caleb Madrigal has written a short article that describes how he was able to perform a simple relay attack against a Jeep Patriot vehicle which allowed him to unlock and lock his car via his HackRF. The replay attack is a very simple attack that can easily be performed with a TX capable SDR, like the HackRF. Essentially, all that is done is that a signal is recorded, and then rebroadcast (replayed) again. Normally, wireless car locks have rolling code security measures that prevent such an attack, but it appears that the 2006 Jeep Patriot has no such measures.

Caleb first recorded the unlock and lock signals using his HackRF with GNU Radio. He then took the step of opening the recorded file up in Audacity and isolating the unlock and lock audio signals, and then saving each signal to a separate file. Finally, after doing this he was able to transmit the unlock and lock waveforms which successfully locked and unlocked the Jeep.

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Neat-o! Love that HackRF One!