Using an Airspy HF+ with SDR# and WSJT-X to Decode FT8 + SpyServer FT8 Decoding Demo

Over on YouTube user TheGazLab has uploaded a video that reviews the Airspy HF+, and also shows how to use the HF+ with SDR# and WSJT-X in order to create a FT8 monitor. The Airspy HF+ is high dynamic range HF/VHF receiver designed for DXing.

In the video TheGazLab demonstrates to us the decoding in real time, and explains the CAT control SDR# plugin that he's using. The CAT control plugin when combined with a virtual serial port driver allows the WSJT-X program to automatically tune SDR# to the FT8 frequency selected in WSJT-X.

Later in the video he also discusses the SpyServer network which allows SDR# users to connect to remote public Airspy and RTL-SDR units over the internet. He demonstrates connecting to a public server in the UK, and decoding FT8 via the remote server. The video also shows the new SpyServer interface by  which nicely lays out the world SpyServer network on a map, making it easy to choose a desired location to listen to.

Airspy HFPlus, SDR# and WSJT-X with full CAT control decoding FT-8

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I’ve had great results using a serial CAT control plugin (CalicoCAT) for SDR#.
Search Google for “Calico CAT Serial”. It was featured on here back in May of 2018.
N0TTL did a fine job on the plugin, and it’s free. 🙂

The plugin works well using multiple instances of SDR#, provided you choose different COM ports for each instance.
I run (2) SDR# instances with (2) CalicoCAT plugins and (2) Airspy HF+ for decoding FT8. No issues.

I purchased (2) VB Audio Cables (Cable A and B) from VB Audio software. I think it was less than $15 last year – which gives me a total of 3 virtual audio cables. Highly recommend!