Video Tutorial and Overview of RPiTX Version 2

Over on YouTube channel Tech Minds has uploaded a video that shows how to install and use RPiTX version 2. RPiTX is software for the Raspberry Pi which can turn it into a 5 kHz to 1500 MHz transmitter which can transmit any arbitrary signal. RPiTX requires no additional hardware, but a filter is required for transmitting with any power or gain. Back in November RPiTX was updated to version 2 which brought with it a new GUI, and improved spectral purity.

In his video Tech Minds goes over the installation of RPiTX, and then goes on to demonstrate it in action with an RTL-SDR and SDRUno used as the receiver. He shows the several TX modes available such as the tone/chirp generator, spectrum painter FM with RDS, SSB and FreeDV.

Raspberry Pi Transmitter with RPITX Version 2

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  1. Christian Thomas

    I tried to use rpitx V2 but after a few seconds the transmission stopped.
    I am using Raspberry PI3B and the latest Raspberry PI OS.
    Could you help?
    Best Regards
    Christian (F1CIY)

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