Video Tutorials: Setting up an RTL-SDR and HackRF with SDR-Console V3, Using the HackRF to find your Cellphone Signal and more

Over on his YouTube channel user Corrosive has uploaded a set of videos that show how to install and get started with an RTL-SDR or HackRF with SDR-Console V3.  The video series starts from the very beginning with installing the drivers via zadig, and then goes on to show how to download, install and use SDR-Console V3.

In one of his later videos Corrosive also shows how to optimally configure the settings in SDR-Console V3 and SDR# for optimal reception and viewing.

In a newer video he also shows how he uses the HackRF as a spectrum analyzer to find his cellphone signal. Regarding this video, Corrosive wrote in to us and said the following:

For a while now I’ve been trying to find the frequency of my cell phone, looking frequencies up online and trying to find an app that would tell me my current frequency. None of these things seem to work and scanning the band manually I always came up dry because I wasn’t 100% sure where I needed to look.

Further videos on his channel also show how to receive ADSB data with an RTL-SDR and Android phone, and how he repurposed a rabbit ears antenna into a V-dipole antenna for receiving Satcom pirates.

Corrosive has done a good job putting out SDR and radio related videos over the past couple of weeks so it may be a channel to subscribe to if you are interested in this type of content.

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Just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for their kind comments.

Glad everyone seems to be enjoying the videos I hope to try and keep a regular schedule if I can, if anyone is looking for a specific tutorial please feel free to let me know via YouTube or my Twitter then I would be more than happy to get to work on it time permitting.


Definitely have to go through his video, and thank you Corrosive for doing this. SDR console is a very nice SDR software with many options for the HackRF One. Have been doing hunt and peck for a few months with it but definitely need some guidance. SDR console has a pretty busy dashboard but well worth trying. It will work with other SDRs also. Oh, and the HackRF One does a pretty decent job on MF/HF with the proper antenna and judicious use of the gain controls. Am using a 43 foot vertical with many radials and the HackRF One performs very well down to the AM broadcast band using that antenna.

Teemo van Shekelpilzberg

Corrosive has made very interesting in-depth video guides for various things involving SDR.
I would like to thank him for this, and i recommend everyone interested in SDR to visit his channel, view, like and share the videos and subscribe to his channel, in order for him to get more people interested in SDR and Radio Communications.

– Teemo van Shekelpilzberg


I would like to thank Corrosive for his video contributions. I am not new to SDR but I still found useful information in his tutorial videos. He presents in a way that makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend who loves radio as much as I do. Keep up the great work, Corrosive!