Videos Showing Rpidatv in action

A few days ago we posted about the release of Rpidatv, a program that allows a Rapberry Pi to transmit DATV without the need for any additional hardware. DATV stands for Digital Amateur TV, and can be received with an RTL-SDR using a program called leandvb.

Over on YouTube, the programmer of Rpidatv (Evariste F5OEO) has uploaded a video that shows a Rpidatv + leandvb system in action. The video demonstrates the touch screen GUI which can be used if a touch capable LCD screen is connected to the Raspberry Pi. It also shows the whole system in action with a video being transmitted from the Raspberry Pi camera to a Linux PC with an RTL-SDR running leandvb.

rpidatv with leandvb

Another video uploaded to YouTube by Qyonek also shows Rpidatv + leandvb in action.

Testy rpidatv + leandvb

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hola . la imagen recibida es decodificada y luego enviada a VLC para poder verse??
Hello . the received image is decoded and then sent to VLC to be able to see ??

Michael Robertson

Looks great, nice work!!! Can you please add the necessary code to your github repo to use the camera.