A review of the Soft66RTL3 RTL-SDR + Upconverter + RF Amp Combination Circuit

Over on the SWLing Post blog contributor Mike Ladd has posted up a review of the Soft66RTL3 software defined radio. The Soft66RTL3 is a fully enclosed SDR unit that consists of a standard mini RTL-SDR dongle, a selectable upconverter circuit, several switchable bandpass filters for HF and a UPC1688 RF amp which is enabled in HF mode and is controllable through a trimmer pot. The selectable bandpass filters are from 0.4 MHz to 1.2 MHz, 1.2 MHz to 5 MHz, 5 MHz to 15 MHz and 15 MHz to 30 MHz. The unit also comes enclosed in an aluminum box with an SMA input connector and Micro-B USB port.

The Soft66RTL3 is custom produced by Kazunori Miura (JA7TDO) who is based in Japan. The Soft66RTL3 sells for $40 USD shipped, or $46 USD shipped with registered air mail. 

In the review Mike shows us the insides of the Soft66RTL3 and discusses its features. Later he also shows an installation and user guide.

The Soft66RTL3 Unit
The Soft66RTL3 Unit
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I am doing direct sampling and using a MFJ1020 witch is a amplified pre-selector ,and I still have to use a FM trap . The pre-selector for some reason doesn’t filter that out . I will admit that I have no problem with AM at all .


I am a little confused . Why you use a pre-selector with a up converter ?????????????? You have not disabled the tuner . Now I can see using a pre-selector in a dongle that is direct sampling because the tuner has been disabled . With out a pre-selectorthe RTL2832 would see everything in the universe .