More videos showing HF reception on the RTL-SDR V3 Dongle

In this video icholakov from our last post continues his testing, and does some more tests on daytime HF reception.

RTL SDR V3 Dongle vs. SDR Play HF and MW part 2

In his third video he tests night time reception against the SDRplay.

RTL SDR Dongle V3 nighttime vs SDRPlay Part 3

In this video YouTube user Michael Jackson tests his RTL-SDR V3 at 8 MHz, with a dipole antenna.

RTL-SDR v3 Dongle on HF

Finally, in this video YouTube user jonny290 tests the V3 dongle on HF reception using CubicSDR.

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Maybe I’m making some kind of newbie mistake, but I’m not sure if this feature works on my V3. I have no problem selecting Q branch in SDR#, but the waterfall is fairly empty, and appears the same whether I have an antenna connected or not. Works just fine with Quadrature sampling.


The large telescopic that came with the dongle, or a long unshielded wire alligator clipped to the telescopic antenna base screw.


Hello, try connecting only the center cable, do not connect the connector ground.

Did you just understand?

I used the traductror of google, not English.


I get nervous when i see these videos; i can never understand when the test of one device start and when the other start. Unless i watch the 20 minutes complete videos from the beginning to the end. And even so i may miss it because in that moment i was looking somewhere else.


I wish you guys would stop teasing people about what the V3 model can do .You guys are driving me NUTS . I order my V3 model on the 18th of this month . From what I see it is still siting in the post office in SHENZHEN EMS, CHINA . From what I can tell is all their doing is just fiddle farting around .

Bin Kenney

Okay so I have a long wired (18 gauge) soldered onto one end of a cut F-type cable, used a F- to SMA adapter to connect to V.2 dongle, and using SDR# version 1361, and I get nothing except for low and high white noise that are about 1-2 MHz wide. What am I doing wrong? Testing right now in night time. How come people have successful result with the Oliver driver? Would it be better just to get the upconverter or get the V.3 dongle? Carl, I appreciate your help. If others could please pitch in, it’d be great!