Capturing Noise Bursts from Jupiter with an RTL-SDR

Recently amateur radio astronomer Jim Brown used an RTL-SDR dongle together with a Ham-it-up upconverter and preamp to capture noise bursts from the planet Jupiter. Not much information about his observations are available yet as he has not yet made a write up, but he has given the image of the noise burst shown below to Jim Sky, programmer of RTL Bridge and Radio-Sky Spectograph which is some of the software used to capture the noise bursts. We will make another post in the future if Jim Brown does a write up.

Jim Sky has also updated his RTL Bridge software to use Oliver Jowetts patched drivers, which allow the RTL-SDR to receive below its usual 24 MHz limit.

Noise burst from Jupiter captured with an RTL-SDR
Noise burst from Jupiter captured with an RTL-SDR
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