Decoding HOT, EOT & DPU Train Data

On YouTube user Curt Rowlett has uploaded a video showing how he was able to decode HOT, EOT & DPU signals from trains using an RTL-SDR. Head of Train (HOT) and End of Train (EOT) signals are used on trains to transmit telemetry data such as brake line pressure and monitor accidental separation of the train. Distributed Power Unit (DPU) signals are control signals that are used to control remote DPU’s on long trains. DPU’s are locomotives which are placed in the middle or rear of a train to help more evenly distribute pushing and pulling power over the entire train.

Curt used the SoftEOT and SoftDPU software programs to monitor and decode these signals. This software can be downloaded from the softEOT Yahoo! Group after requesting and being accepted into membership.

HOT signals can be found on 452.9375 MHz, EOT signals on 457.9375 MHz and DPU signals on 457.9250 MHz.

Decoding HOT, EOT & DPU Train Data

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hi i am a big radio buff and i just moved to Grand Junction CO their is a very large rail yard next to me i would like to decode the data i cant find the software anywhere to use with my RTL-SDR please if you still have it could you send me a copy to my e-mail i am 63yrs old and i pass my time with my radios i would really apricate it if you can help me tnx again if anyone can help me please e-mail me [email protected]


I’ve written a python script to handle the same thing for linux. It pipes together rtl_fm, SoX, minimodem, and python. All contained in one python script.


I’d like to know if anyone has the specifications. It looks like a good experiment to write your own


Any equivalent for Linux?


i have not found a linux equivalent however i did get the programs to work using the play on linux front-end for wine using the dongle with gqrx tuned to the freq it loads and monitors just fine


Can someone post a link to the software that doesn’t require giving contact information to yahoo…


Or you could create a bogus throw-away Yahoo account….