KerberosSDR Batch 2 Ships Soon! Pricing will Rise on Monday

KerberosSDR Batch 2 will begin shipping very soon! Thank you to all who have supported this project so far. If you didn't already know KerberosSDR is our experimental 4x Coherent RTL-SDR product made in partnership with Othernet. With it, coherent applications like radio direction finding (RDF), passive radar and beam forming are possible.

We just wanted to note that this Monday the reduced preorder pricing of US$130 + shipping will end, and the price will rise to the retail price of $149.95 + shipping. So if you have been thinking about ordering a unit, now would be a good time. Ordering is currently possible through Indiegogo. On Monday we will change to our own store. EDIT: Now available to purchase on the Othernet Store.

For shipping, US orders will be sent domestically from Othernet's office in Chicago. They are still waiting on the US shipment to arrive, but it is expected to arrive by the end of next week. Once shipped locally you will receive a shipment notification.

For international orders, the packages are being labelled now, and should be going out early next week, or sooner.

KerberosSDR Inside and Outside the Enclosure
KerberosSDR Inside and Outside the Enclosure

Future Updates to KerberosSDR

With the profits raised from KerberosSDR sales we are looking to continue funding development on the open source server software and visualization software being created (as well as applying updates ourselves). In future updates we will be looking at features such as:

  • Streamlining the sample and phase sync calibration process.
  • Experimenting with software notch filters for calibration (may reduce the need to disconnect the antennas during calibration).
  • Reworking the buffering code for improved sample ingestion performance and increased averaging.
  • Direction finding and passive radar algorithm improvements.
  • Creating a networked web application for combining data from two or more physically distributed KerberosSDRs over the internet for immediate TX localization.
  • Updates and bug fixes for the Android mobile direction finding app for use in vehicles.
  • Improving passive radar to be able to use all four RX ports for surveillance so that larger areas can be covered.
  • Plotting passive radar pings on a map.
  • Beginning experimentation with beam forming.
  • In the farther future we hope to eventually have even more clever software that can do things like locate multiple signals in the bandwidth at once, automatically plot them on a map, and track them via their unique RF fingerprint, or other identifiers.
  • Future hardware updates may see more streamlined calibration and smaller sizes.
KerberosSDR Android App for Direction Finding
KerberosSDR Android App for Direction Finding
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Hi Andy
I’m curious,have you ordered a KerberosSDR ?
And are you having problems with your order ?
Im located in the UK and have ordered numerous items from Outernet now Othernet and from RTL-SDR web site without any problems what so ever.
I ordered the first batch KerberosSDR and I was kept updated at all times.
I am sure your batch 2 KerberosSDR will arrive once its been released by customs for your postal service to deliver.

Andy Dodd

No, I haven’t, because it is, per the article, only available on Indiegogo.


Hi Andy
RTL-SDR have announced as of next week they will be using a standard web store ,so there’s your chance now to purchase a KerberosSDR ?


Really like the passive radar ability. I’m not quite sure what I want to use it for but I’m thinking some “early warning” type of thing for home security or just a fun way to maybe plot things around a location.


Search using “Sailing Nahoa pirate” for your search for a very practical use for passive radar. In the waters around Indonesia, northern Indian Ocean, and off the southern tip of Africa, you can lose sleep wondering what you hear in the dark. Fastboats and dingys don’t use radar but motherships do.

A nice 50′ catamaran, radiating in the night, makes an attractive diversion for a for a pirate crew.


The unit is exciting. But will the passive radar be useful on a small sailing Boat or is it really just a experimental system for the foreseeable future?

Andy Dodd

Question: Why are you using Indiegogo as opposed to Crowdsupply or even Kickstarter?

Your project seems reputable/stable enough (especially given previous batch successes) that it could have been run on Crowdsupply with success, so why choose a crowdfunding platform that is generally regarded as being the place projects go when they can’t even meet Kickstarter’s standards?


Andy,have a look at this link on kick starter and you will see why kick starter is not recommended at all.


I completely agree. This SGNLSTRAP Kickstarter campaign completely demonstrates why NO ONE including RTL_SDR should have anything to do with Kickstarter.

Andy Dodd

By your definitions of why no one should use Kickstarter, no one should be using Indiegogo at all either.

Indiegogo is known to have LESS protections for buyers than Kickstarter, which was EXACTLY my point. Indiegogo is where campaigns that can’t even meet Kickstarter’s low standards go. – “And when Kickstarter told net SE that it wanted the finished Meyer Optik campaigns fulfilled before starting new ones, net SE soon turned to Indiegogo.”

Andy Dodd

I couldn’t edit my reply, but to be clear:
Indiegogo allows campaigns from companies that already have established themselves to be a Ponzi scheme and got kicked off of Kickstarter because of it, such as Meyer Optik and the other Net SE companies. It was already well established they were NOT delivering on campaigns, and Indiegogo welcomed them with open arms.