New Products in Store: RadarBox ADS-B Bundle Including Outdoor ADS-B Antenna and ADS-B Optimized RTL-SDR Dongle

A while back we posted about flight tracking company who had launched their 1090 MHz ADS-B optimized RTL-SDR. Like other ADS-B optimized RTL-SDR's, the dongle contains a 1090 MHz filter and a low noise amplifier that reduces the noise figure, resulting in better SNR, and thus more planes spotted at further distances.

We spoke with RadarBox and asked if they could provide a low cost RTL-SDR + Antenna bundle for us. That bundle is now available in our store for $49.95 + shipping. Shipping takes about 2-3 weeks and costs between $10 - $25 depending on your country. Shipping costs will automatically added to the cart on checkout (please ignore other shipping options and choose free shipping unless you have other items in the cart). Please note that due to the larger size this will be shipped in a cylindrical package from a separate Chinese warehouse, and tracking info will come a few days later in a separate email.

The bundle includes:

  • 1x RadarBox ADS-B 1090 MHz SMA Outdoor Antenna with mounting brackets
  • 1x RadarBox ADS-B Optimized 1090 MHz RTL-SDR

The antenna has 7 dBi gain, 50 (+-5) Ohm impedance, and is made from fiberglass and aluminum. It is fully waterproof and outdoor rated. This is a great set at a great price to get started tracking planes with ADS-B.

To purchase, please click the Add to Cart button below or visit our store at Please note we only have limited stock of this product! NOTE: The first shipment of this product will be on July 2nd.

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RadarBox Bundle: Includes 1x Outdoor ADS-B Antenna, 1x ADS-B Optimized RTL-SDR
RadarBox Bundle: Includes 1x Outdoor ADS-B Antenna, 1x ADS-B Optimized RTL-SDR


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Simon le Bon

I have this dongle, but unfortunately after 32 days 24/7 use it is not recognized on any of my machines (RPi, PC, Laptop) anymore 🙁

David C Jackson

I currently have this bundle, being a feeder for RadarBox and their ADS-B dongle works really well over using a standard (non-filtered, non-amplified) dongle. I saw a definite and measurable improvement in both range and messages received. It’s hard for me to comment too much on the antenna as I’ve got it mounted in a very sub-optimal position (outdoors, approx. 5′ AGL, with housing obstruction) but at that level, it seems to have less range than another antenna I have (a 4/6dBi 698-2700 MHz omni [cell booster antenna]) mounted at about 7 feet AGL outdoors). It’s my understanding the antenna is designed to receive well with a good view of the horizon (i.e. needs to be mounted as high as possible) so if someone with it mounted properly could comment, I’d love to hear your experiences.