QrssPiG: Decoding QRSS on a Raspberry Pi with an RTL-SDR

QRSS is a ham communications mode that is essentially just very slow CW (morse code), with each dash/dot being broadcast for a number of seconds. With QRSS instead of audibly decoding the morse code signal, it is decoded visually via a spectrum display (or automatically by software). It is designed to be a QRP mode, which means that hams transmitting QRSS can be heard all over the world even though very low transmit power is used. 

QrssPiG is a QRSS grabber program that runs headless on a Raspberry Pi and can interface with an RTL-SDR. It automatically generates the waterfall graphs of received QRSS images, and supports uploading them via SCP or FTP. The software can also run with a HackRF, or via audio piping from another SDR or standard hardware radio.

Recently on Twitter @ON4CDJ has been trying QrssPiG with an RTL-SDR V3 and has been having good results.

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John B

This is a really nice little program which runs well on a PiZero.