RedPitaya Announces Pre-order for STEMLab HF SDR Transceiver

RedPitaya has just announced their next SDR platform, the STEMlab 122.88-16 which is a software defined radio intended to be used as an HF transceiver on the amateur radio bands.

The SDR is advertised to cover HF + 6m (50MHz) and includes two 16 bit 50 ohm input ADCs and two 14 bit outputs. Based on the Xililinx Zynq 7020 FPGA running an ARM cortex A9 processor it’s plenty powerful to handle the various modes frequently seen in the amateur bands and then some while supporting an impressive 122.88 MS/s sample rate.

The RedPitaya – 3D Rendering

This hardware is also fully compatible with the HPSDR software platform which is an open source project for amateur radio SDR operation.

While this radio is built with amateur operation in mind, it is still a very capable platform that could be used for experimentation albeit with a more restricted frequency range that what you may be used to with traditional software defined radios.

The radio retails for $499 euros and will be available for pre-order from RedPitaya until March 31st of 2019.

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“retails for $499 euros” – does it mean that it costs 499 euros in EU and $499 elsewhere?


I do not see band filters. Does it mean that this is just a pèart of a transceiver and that the other part has not been developed?

Dave H

That would be my guess. Getting the core SDR portion out first lets software developers start doing their thing while the rest of the hardware is in design.

Corrosive of SignalsEverywhere

Essentially the kit for building your own software to find HF radio so it is more or less the heart of it we would develop the rest as you see fit


Would be interesting which software & firmware they offer for the device. Do they take Pavel’s work?


I’ve already ported most of my SDR applications to the new STEMlab 122.88-16 SDR board. Here is a link to the new GitHub repository: