Android App: Phonetic Alphabet Trainer

Thank you to Manuel DO5TY who wrote in and wanted to share his Android App that helps you to memorize the ham radio phonetic alphabet. The phonetic alphabet is a way to avoid confusion when speaking out similar sounding English letters such as "p" and "b". Instead of "pea" and "bee" these are spoken as "papa" and "bravo". The phonetic alphabet is commonly used in all sorts of radio communications, so it is a good skill to learn for potential hams, radio operators or even for people just listening in to radio communications.

The Phonetic Alphabet Trainer is an App you can easily learn the Alphabet that is used in the Military and on Hamradio contacts. The App has different options for you to learn and memorize the Alphabet. Your current Skill Level is displayed on the main screen and indicates how good you are at the Phonetic Alphabet.

Take a look at the Phonetic Alphabet and see what words are used for each Character.
You can also hear how the words are spoken out with a simple button click.

Train with random Strings
Let the App generate random Strings and translate them into the Phonetic Alphabet.
With that you can memorize the Alphabet and learn how to write them correctly at the same time. The String gets one Character longer each time you got Five in a row correct.

Train with Hamradio
The App generates a random Callsign and speaks it out loud in the Phonetic Alphabet. Your Task is it to Write down the correct Callsign. You only have one try to get it right, your score is how many you recognize correctly in a row.

Phonetic Alphabet Trainer - App Promo

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Nice, but where is the context to SDR?


Well, People that use SDR also often listen to Ham Radio transmissions.

So knowing the Alphabet will help to understand who is talking on these HamRadio cintacts.