Reminder: GNU Radio Conference 2023 Starts September 5 MST

This is a reminder that GNU Radio Conference 2023 (GRCon23) will be starting tomorrow on September 5 in Mountain Standard Time (MST) and will run until September 9.

GNU Radio conference talks are generally about cutting edge radio research topics and applications that involve the use of GNU Radio, a popular DSP framework for SDRs. If you are interested, previous years talks can be found on the GNU Radio YouTube channel.

The talks at GRCon23 will be livestreamed on YouTube for free, and we have pasted the links to each days live stream link below. We recommend activating YouTube notifications on each video so you won't miss the start.

There is also a virtual conference chat available. Links to the various rooms are available on the participants guide website.

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Hi everyone,

I am subscribed to GNU Radio on youtube, but this episode hasn’t showed up on the channel but you have pasted a link to it and it is in fact available to watch.

What am I doing wrong ?