Reverse Engineering Wireless Wall Outlets And Automatically Cloning OOK Signals

Wireless wall outlets are electrical outlets that can be turned on or off by a wireless remote. Fabien is an experimenter who was looking for a way to control the power of his home devices from a remote location using HTTP. He thought of building his own from scratch, but quickly realized that the device would need to be certified for insurance purposes. Instead he bought a cheap commercially made certified wireless wall outlet and reverse engineered the protocol using an RTL-SDR.

To do that he used the existing OOK-Decoder software available on GitHub. From the analysis provided by OOK-Decoder, Fabien was able to successfully reimplement the transmission using an AVR microcontroller and 433 MHz transceiver circuit from Sparkfun.

After being successful with this, Fabien decided to take the project a step further and create the OOKLONE – a device that could automatically clone any 433.92 MHz OOK signal and replay it. The video below shows the OOKLONE in action.

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