RTL-SDR Wide Spectrum Analyzer

Over on YouTube claudio giuliani has posted a video of his RTL-SDR Wide Spectrum Analyzer software. The software is written in the basic for gambas language and uses an RTL-SDR software defined radio to plot a wide chunk of the frequency spectrum by sweeping over it. It looks to be similar to the RTL-SDR Scanner software. Currently it is only available for Linux.

RTL-SDR Wide Scanner
RTL-SDR Wide Scanner
RTL_SDR Wide spectrum analyzer


  1. claudio

    I have development new version. see my web
    -windows form (and graphic) is resizeable on screen
    -there is an export / import of collected data
    -continuous sweep mode added
    -peak memory in continue sweep avaiable
    -device id selection.
    see video on :
    claudio giuliani

  2. Ronen

    Is there any chance to make a version that will support E4000 tuner ?
    My dongle have E4000 tuner and the software doesnt work on it it show only garbadge and not anything related to Frequency domain
    Thanks Forward
    Ronen – 4Z4ZQ

  3. Tim

    How can I set the device_id with this application? I have an array of 12 dongles, and I would like to select just ONE of them.

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