SDR Comparison: Airspy vs Funcube vs E4000 RTL-SDR vs BladeRF

Over on YouTube user sm5bsz (aka Leif, programmer of Linrad) has uploaded a video showing an in depth technical comparison between the Airspy, Funecube, E4000 RTL-SDR and BladeRF software defined radios. His test focuses on the dynamic range when each SDR is used as a narrowband receiver at 144 MHz with appropriate filtering applied. The video is quite long and technical, but most of the results are summarized at 4:41.


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  1. Truth

    The BladeRF does not support 144MHz out of the box without an additional $200 block up-down converter board. So it is a bit unfair, there are probably kinks in this board that are still being worked on. I don’t own a BladeRF and don’t know enough about the BladeRF in general to say that it will be brilliant after the next firmware update.

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