SDR# Inmarsat Decoder Plugin Now Available

Microp11, the programmer of Scytale-C a standalone Inmarsat decoder has just released a new Inmarsat decoder SDR# plugin. The plugin is currently in the "pre-alpha" stages, so is still missing some functionality and may be buggy. However, it does appear to be functional at this point in time. It can be used with RTL-SDRs, and any other SDR# compatible SDR including units running on remote SpyServers. Microp11 writes:

  • I ran it with SDR# version v1.0.0.1761.
  • If it crashes you SDR# I apologize in advance.
  • The auto-tracking (default on) will alter your SDR# frequency and follow the signal’s CF. When the SNR is very low, please disable it and manually tune the SDR# to try to get the CF as close to 2000 as possible.The demodulator still has plenty ideas of its own.
  • Use USB mode with 4000 Hz bandwidth.
  • For now the interface is missing the usual scatter plots.
  • UDP Address and UDP Port are for sending the decoded frames to the Scytale-C UI.
  • Offset and CF are the difference from zero error and the CF frequency of the demodulated BPSK signal.
  • Tx and SYM are the transmitted over UDP frames and SYM is showing the number of demodulated symbols.
  • A bunch of libraries are attached as extra files. Please be gentle and accept the package as it. Will clean-up in the future.
  • Use in conjunction with the Scytale-C UI from the archive: “” (link below)
  • The magic line is included in the archive: “”

The files can be downloaded from

SDRSharp Scytale-C Plugin
SDRSharp Scytale-C Plugin
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Great will try it.
What about decoding of Inmarsat D+ anything available ?


Been running the plug in all afternoon here with sdr#, no issues so far. Very nice!