SDR Talks from the 2015 Chaos Communication Camp

The Chaos Communication Camp (CCC) conference was recently held in Germany this year. The conference is a five day event that focuses on topics such computer security, hacking, electronics and other similar related topics. The full list of talks can be found here, but on this page we list all the SDR related talks which we could find. If you know of any more SDR related talks from the CCC please let us know in the comments.

“The Rad1o: Listen to all the things”

This year participants of the CCC were all given a Rad1o badge, which is a HackRF variant. In this talk the creators of the Rad1o explain their experience with creating the Rad1o and give an overview of it’s hardware and software options.

“Satellite Open Ground Station Network: open source ground station, optimized for modularity, built from readily available and affordable tools and resources.”

(Audio broken until 2:50) The SatNOGS project aims to provide low cost satellite ground stations (where one critical component is currently an RTL-SDR dongle) along with free networking software in order to create a crowd sourced satellite coverage network. The SatNOGS project was also the grand prize winner of the 2014 Hackaday prize which saw them take away almost $200k US dollars of prize money. This talk introduces the SatNOGS project.

“Iridium Hacking: please don’t sue us”

Iridium is a satellite service that provides global communications. This talk discusses how the presenters were able to decode the Iridium pager network with a simple software defined radio like the RTL-SDR. At the end of the presentation they show a live demo of the Iridium signals being decoded.

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