Simple DMR Plugin for SDR# Now Available

Vasili from has recently released a simple DMR decoder plugin for SDR# to go along with his simple dPMR and TETRA decoders that we posted about earlier.

Simple DMR decoder. No external dependencies, no settings, uses SDR # audio path. Designed for listening to unencrypted DMR channels. The voice from both slots is mixed into one channel.

To install the plugin simply copy the dll's from the zip file into the SDR# folder, then copy the line from the magline.txt text file into the plugins.xml file which can be opened with any text editor.

Simple DMR Decoder Plugin for SDR#


  1. John

    Anyone know if this software works with version 1.76 of sdr# ? Don’t seem to be able to tick on the checkbox ? Also what does the slider control do ?

  2. RF Guy

    whats next ? a all In-one Version (dPMR,DMR,APCO,TETRA, with auto selector) or more protocols like System Fusion, D-Star, Tetrapol ?

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