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Upconverter Comparison: Nooelec Ham it Up vs SDR Up 100

A few weeks ago Akos from the SDR for Mariners blog did a review of the SDR Up 100 Upconverter, and he promised to compare it with the Nooelec Ham-it-up Upconverter when it arrived. He has now done the comparison, and written about it on his blog.

For each test he used a gain of 0dB and the same 20 foot random wire antenna. Interestingly, his results show that the SDR Up 100 significantly outperforms the Ham-it-up upconverter. We believe that this may be as the SDR Up 100 has an LNA built into it whereas the Ham it up does not.

Update: Akos has now included comparisons with various RTL gain settings.

SDR Up 100 vs Ham It Up
Nooelec vs Up 100 comparison
Comparison Images

Review of the SDR UP-100 Upconverter

Akos from the SDR for mariners blog has written a review on the SDR UP-100 upconverter. The SDR UP-100 is a 50 USD upconverter for the RTL-SDR and similar software defined radios which is made by the same person behind the LNA4ALL low noise amplifier. Upconverters allow the RTL-SDR to receive between 0 and 30 MHz, where ham radio, military, marine and many other interesting signals exist.

In the review Akos tests the SDR UP-100 with a 6 meter random wire antenna and an RTL-SDR. His results show that the upconverter works well as expected. In the future he hopes to compare the SDR UP-100 with the Ham-It-Up Upconverter from Nooelec.

SDR UP-100