UFO Detection with an Image Intensifier and FM Reflections Received with an RTL-SDR

Recently reader Syed Ali wrote in and wanted to share some experiments in UFO detection that he's been performing with an image intensifier and an RTL-SDR. The RTL-SDR is used to detect a distant FM radio station reflecting from objects passing overhead, and the image intensifier is a sensitive camera that helps make events like satellite passes more visible. In his video some visually detected objects like a possible satellite pass or aircraft at 0:09 to 0:18 and 0:55 to 1:00 seem to correlate with a radio reflection. 

Syed Ali writes:

These are three small video clips taken from an hour observation. I had an idea how to use RTL-SDR for meteor detection. So I tuned my rtl-sdr to a distant FM Radio station behind a mountain range from my own location. Any object flying over mountain range can be detected by receiving the transmission of that FM radio station via its signal being reflected from that flying object.

So I set up my image intensifier pointing towards the sky in the same direction above those ranges. I recorded a few unknown objects in the video viz a viz their RF reflections and Dopplers in sdrsharp software.

You will also notice a strange laser beam which seems to be coming from the sky to the ground because it encircles and changes its position around the field of view of my image intensifier. Moreover, in the last few seconds of the clip, you will see a strange object hovering and then taking a U turn near left edge of the video frame. Those were indeed strange findings. Please see for yourself and do leave your comments. Thanks. Observation Time : 1:20 am to 2:30 am, 21 October 2018

We're a little skeptical about the UFO claims though, as the lasers may just be car headlights, and the fast moving object may just be a bug reflecting light, and the lack of radio reflections around those points seem to confirm that nothing large is there.

UFO Detection using Image Intensifier and RTL-SDR

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Jon Abel

Unfortunately, if UFO’s are using the atomic hydrogen spectral line to energize their plasma shields (1.42 Ghz), then all 1/4 wave frequencies below 1.42 Ghz actually fall IN-BETWEEN all the bands reserved for ARRL.

That means HAM radios aren’t built to pick up 1/4 wave multiples of the atomic hydrogen spectral line.

Syed Ghazanfar Ali

Very True. The plasma vessels work on Scalar Fields aka ZEM or FELDRAM. Many still consider it as a myth. You can detect only the presence of such fields but you cannot perform DF to locate source of origin. Simple example is the emission using Caduceus Coil.

Syed Ali

But since we are using the reflected waves of humanly generated FM Signals from UFOs the strength of the reflected signal and the reflectivity from the surface area of UFO defines the amount of Doppler Shift. If it has a surface structure of stealth material like hexagonal honeycombs and gaps filled with some material like aerogel then it will not be detected on RF.

Syed Ghazanfar Ali

And of course that is due to the linear or non linear motion of the object. Even the rotary of a helicopter causes such doppler shifts on passive radars.


Actually that is not correct. With wide band receivers like RTL-SDR or AIRSPY or FUNCUBE PRO or the dozens of other higher end receivers you can “pick up” any frequency you like. You don’t need a ham license to listen to any frequency, but you do need a license to transmit on very specific frequencies. I have several SDRs that allow me to monitor any frequency between about 10kHz to 6gHz. 25 to 30 years ago that kind of capability meant tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, now with the evolution of Software Defined Radios the same capability is less than $400!! The future is here now!


This is a very good way to tell whats a real object in the sky like those planes, and what is not like those bugs


Bugs aren’t real???


I want to believe.