Open-Weather: Contribute to a Snapshot of the Climate Crisis Through NOAA Satellite Imagery

Open-weather is an art project made up of a community of volunteers who capture NOAA weather satellite images with RTL-SDR or similar devices. The images are then collected and stitched together to form a snapshot of the planet, and to be used in various art projects. We have previously posted about some related art projects that the team behind open-weather have done in the past.

Receiving NOAA satellite images may now be run of the mill for many of us technically minded people who have been in this hobby for a while, but one of the ideas behind open-weather is to reach out and inspire people from any background to try and receive satellite weather images. This includes people and communities in the arts that may not be technically minded at all. To achieve this the team has created easy to understand guides, hosted workshops, and created artwork and performances based around the reception of these satellite images.

In a recent article on, the team describe how they collected 38 images from 29 volunteers, across 14 countries and six continents on the first day of the COP26 climate conference. By involving more people in the process of essentially watching the earth from afar, they hope to inspire climate responsibility and to put some thought behind how we are affecting and being affected by the changing environment. An excerpt from the article is pasted below:

This snapshot included a cyclonic weather system curling around the UK, dust clouds sweeping the Indian subcontinent, and the glaciers of the Patagonian Andes, which have been shown by geographer Bethan Davies to be rapidly receding and thinning in response to global warming.


These satellite images and field notes demonstrate that the climate crisis feels different depending on who you are and where you live. In some places, dry seasons are expanding. Elsewhere, it’s clouds of dust, increasingly volatile storms, or health effects triggered by the air that we breathe.

As politicians fail to respond to the climate emergency, a growing community of Earth-watchers has practical and political potential. Together, we might learn to be collectively responsible for, and accountable to, the environments we are changing.

Sasha Engelmann of Open-Weather receives a NOAA Satellite Image.
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This is like sitting in a darkened room and putting a slit in a wall and looking through it, and then making observations, about the world around you.
Climate change, global warming, Sadly, this is yet another one of those weapons of mass delusion, just follow the money, and there is a lot of it.
So the Pacific islands, that are supposed to be submerged by the rising ocean levels, but are in fact, sinking. Putting a stick in the sand and saying the water is higher, is not a very reliable method of doing things, Surveying work has proved the islands are sinking in some places, and rising in other places, the surveying work has been over a very long period, and now includes lots of new technology, increasing the accuracy.
Global warming, might be a hard sell to people in Greece and Turkey, after the recent cold snap they had,
Lucky some one decided to drop the global warming and call it global climate change a few years back..

Here is Australia, it is still the same, drought, bush fires, rain, flooding, the flooding, is roughly, around every 11 years, oh and the odd cyclone or two.
Yes every eleven years, from around the low of the sunspot cycle, and as it starts to increase in number. This is from observational data, taken from flood reports and reference to sunspot data. over almost 200years, there are a couple of times they don’t fit, but there is another cycle in there, as well, I am not sure what is causing it, like every 33-35 years.
In fact, we are recovering after a massive weather event, that has caused a large amount of damage, due to wide spread flooding .
The same thing happened in 2011, but this time higher levels, however we now have three large apartment blocks built around the building i work in, and this was a major factor for the higher levels.

But the 11 year cycle works in my part of the world, I would suggest, you have a look at events, floods, droughts, snow, events, they all have a cycle and I would be interested to know if you find a weather event that runs an eleven year cycle, in you areas .

Climate change folks are trying to make their ideas fit, By smashing a square peg into a round hole, even to the extent of changing historical data to fit their modelling. I just don’t buy their ideologies.
This is my view and I am entitled to voice my opinion, it appears, if you comment differently to the common view pushed by the media, be it,television, print, radio and social media, you are either evil or stupid, and shouldn’t be allowed an opinion.


Peter there isn’t any point to getting worked up about it anymore. The scientific community has diverged. We know that there is no correlation between education and intelligence, and the vast majority of the educated have fully jumped on the ignorant “We have 100 years of measurements and use these to make broad assumptions about the past millions years, and turn these assumptions into belief!” band wagon.
Meanwhile, the much smaller group of actual intelligent people have diverged and more or less stepped away from this mess. And they aren’t coming back. Best to be one of those people.

Just try having a conversation with the “educated” regarding the glaciers that covered North America, and ask them to explain why they melted, and why it wasn’t “man made” back then, but is now – It is beyond entertainment, it is wilder than talking to one of these people who believe that the earth is flat, or that a secret order of reptilian-human hybrids rule the world.

The politicians, the media, and the “educated” everywhere have all jumped on this cult (religion?) of the “man made climate change”. They have made themselves very easy to identify, so it is very easy to just keep them out of your life and live in the real world without them. It doesn’t matter if you believe that there is significant effect on the earth caused by man – Whether by pollution, or deforesting, or whatever – If you don’t believe precisely what they believe (which happens to be a continuously morphing religion, the beliefs of which can only be defined by turning on the television or computer and checking what the media and politicians report that “today’s religion” is) then you are a heretic, a bigot, a racist, or whatever their programming says that “today’s insult” is. They just aren’t worth communicating with anymore.

Imagine a world where “science” is simply assumptions stacked on guesses stacked on “seems to affect” statements, and this science becomes a massive, close minded religion which even has “experts” who are cited everywhere simply because they “know stuff” about these assumptions stacked on guesses stacked on obtuse, poorly conducted experiments that can’t be replicated because they have forgotten what the scientific method is… This is the world we live in! And it’s best to just ignore them, surround yourself with the minority of intelligent, reasonable people instead of “educated” people and “experts”, and you will have a much better life and learn far more than you would otherwise.

All of this makes me think of the few reasonable, rational, intelligent people left during the fall of Rome. They looked around themselves and saw the same thing we see now, but certainly not to this extent as the internet and technology have allowed this mental disease to spread far more than it did back then. It is absolutely fascinating, and a very interesting time to be alive. We are now decades into the dementia of scientists building flawed (i.e. no scientific method) studies on top of previous studies which were equally flawed, built on assumptions that were built on guesses, and so on. A vast majority of technical studies published now have almost zero meaning and even if some of them do contain a bit of truth, it is almost impossible to tell due to how the studies were conducted.

The next few decades will be very interesting. I wonder if they will be throwing independent thinkers into the river to see if they “float” soon? xD


Thanks for the Reply NineStein .
Good to see there are people out there that possess the ability to reason.
I have been ostracised, in the past for having an opinion, outside of the collective.This can be difficult in the work place, but one has to believe, what you find to be true, I have been vindicated, most times.
I turned off the television a few years back, I found i was getting anxious, over stuff that, really did not relate to me, but it was constantly, bombarding the senses.
I find life calmer, Turn off the TV, or any source of news, as it has been modified to fit a required ideology, there is heaps of stuff out there to keep you occupied, whatever past time you have.
you can even while away your time on youtube, watching what other people are doing with their past times, and stay far away from the collective rhetoric.

amateur radio and vintage radio, and all radio, electronics related things, is my relaxation, after servicing High end electronics at work.

Shame there are no longer groups of people like Monty Python, these days.

There are ways of telling whether he is a an independent thinker.
Are there? Well then tell us! (tell us)
Tell me… what do you do with independent thinkers?
Burn’em! Burn them up! (burn burn burn)
What do you burn apart from independent thinkers?
More independent thinkers!
So, why do independent thinkers burn?
(long pause)
Cuz they’re made of… wood?
(crowd congratulates )
So, how do we tell if he is made of wood?
Build a bridge out of him!
Ahh, but can you not also make bridges out of stone?
Oh yeah…
Does wood sink in water?
No. It floats!
Let’s throw her into the bog! (yeah yeah ya!)
What also floats in water?
Very small rocks

Grape gravy
King: A Duck!
(all look and stare at king)
Exactly! So, logically…
(thinking): If he weighs the same as a duck… he’s made of wood!
And therefore,
(pause & think)
An independent thinker!


Interesting project indeed and I did not know even about the Public Lab before!

Ishmael Goldstein


Hunter's Laptop

Yes, we are fully aware that Biden Loves Minors. No need to remind us!


Is anyone aware of a resource similar to this which includes not just measured data from the past dozen decades or so that we have been measuring and charting this data, but also inferred historical data going back even further?

I live in North America and where I reside was all covered in glacier less than 10,000 years ago. It would be cool to see an animated chart of glacier melt going back as far as possible with inferred data that we are somewhat confident about. I realize that none of our historical climate data is “fact:” and is all our best guesses and assumptions using the technology we have today and our limited and assumption-based understanding of science and the world around us, it would just be cool to show something that started with the massive glacial coverage of the continents and how we think the melting proceed, ending with where we are now. Bonus if scientists best guess of the placement of the magnetic poles were plotted over it.