OpenWebRX directory has now shut down

OpenWebRX was first developed by Andras Retzler and is and open source program that allows users to make RTL-SDRs, KiwiSDRs and other SDRs accessible over the internet via a web browser. Recently the OpenWebRX public directory at, also run by Andras, has been closed. In the past we've posted about Andras' decision to move on from OpenWebRX and how went from public access to requiring an amateur radio callsign to access. Now Andras has decided to take the final step and close for good. The website now reads:

The project has been finished

I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who joined my journey with this project!

I hope you had a good time listening on the site, and learnt some things about SDR. The purpose of this site was to provide a technological demonstration for amateur radio operators about Software Defined Radio, and I hope this goal has been reached. As this website was a one-person hobby project, with my tasks and responsibilities growing, and my focus moving to other projects at which I hope to make a greater positive impact, I'm unable to further develop and protect it from abuse.

Furthermore, I think this site has some good alternatives now. Nevertheless, in my opinion amateur radio receivers should be shared with strict access control in the future.

If you have more questions, feel free to consult the FAQ.


Andras, HA7ILM

We want to note that although KiwiSDR makes use of OpenWebRX, the KiwiSDR project is not affected by this closure as they use a custom fork of OpenWebRX, and there is an official KiwiSDR directory at, a map version at, and an SNR score directory at Unfortunately the one major drawback is that these directories do not list public RTL-SDRs or other SDRs running OpenWebRX as only did that.

Also, although Andras has stopped development on OpenWebRX, a fork of the project led by Jakob Ketterl (DD5JFK) is alive and well at and

OpenWebRX Screenshot
OpenWebRX Screenshot
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GiamMa-based researchers

The project has been finished – Alternative and SDR OnLine:


Why didnt he at least open sourced the database + code so someone could host it for him?

Mr Tweed

There’s some people who would steal something and try to sell it as if they created it including patent something if the original owner does it to protect it by patent it idea via IEEE and submit it as a white paper maybe get a patent submission through a patent attorney is an idea. True fact one woman made claims that she wrote a song which she didn’t she’s challenged so she IMHO a pathological liar.


So KiwiSDR has offered to host the non-Kiwi, OpenWebRX-based devices (e.g. RTL-SDR) on the listing site. It will take a little time to get going. Please see:


I submitted a pull request to OpenWebRX a few hours ago that enables listing on Hopefully it can get merged and released soon. An example listing of a KiwiSDR and RTL-SDR together:

Cathal Ferris

We can but wish him all of the best in his endeavours, and we can and should thank him for the work he’s done up to now on his projects. I for one am very happy to see that his work has been of use to me through the basis of the KiwiSDR project’s code, and I genuinely wish him all the best with the completion of the PhD. PhDs are not a measure of smartness, but of an ability to persevere through academic adversity, but the feeling of success on the other side should be worth it.

Those that feel hard done by, by the closure of the service he was providing for free should realise that they should have zero expectation that something provided for free would be free or available forever. If they want to pay for the continuation of the service, I’m sure someone can step up and make a business out of it.


why is the version on Github so different from KIWISDR versions, is it just because the code acts differently with different hardware ?


No. There are pieces of OpenWebRX in the core of KiwiSDR. But everything else developed over the last six years has been purpose-built for the Kiwi. It doesn’t translate back to the RTL-SDR.


Is it just me or is there something a bit sinister about his comment that “amateur radio receivers should be shared with strict access control in the future”?

Mark Holman

I’ve been looking at SDR myself and I’m busy right now also DMR is also of interest however I’ve shifted from ARES/RACES to studies myself as well my YF Hasher projects as well I’ve decided for now with stepping aside for some time and I’ve been busy where I’ve let go a web site for time restraints nothing sinister ABT it at all I’m also taking psychology courses for Counseling my state mandates BS or MS degree which is another subject.


I see that could be an issue but his previous move to restrict the directory to radio hams struck me as unfortunate. In any case, I entirely understand him closing a site he has little time to devote to. My ‘sinister’ remark was entirely directed at his mention of access control.


That’s sad information. Wonder what was real reason ?


“Wonder what was real reason”

Andras is getting his PhD. Do that and you hardly have time to brush your teeth in the morning let alone run a website and deal with all the associated problems.