Simple FM Radio and Airband RTL-SDR Android Applications

On the Google Play store developer Knowle Consultants have recently released a new free application called "FM Radio (RTL-SDR)". This is a simple app that allows you to use a connected or remotely networked RTL-SDR to tune into preset broadcast FM stations. People wishing to use an Android enabled head unit in their car may be interested in the app as it makes tuning into broadcast FM stations easy just like it is on a standard radio.

They also have a similar app called "Airband Radio (RTL-SDR)" which provides a similar simple interface for tuning into airband presets.

Knowles Consultants simple Android RTL-SDR FM and Airband Receiver Apps


  1. Erkki Sadrak

    Any hints about how to get it working? Using SDR driver by Martin Marinov that works with different sdr apps and different sdr dongles (Radarbox, RTL-SDRblog dongle) but the result for Knowle Consultants apps trying to start with this driver (adsb radar, fm radio, airnav radio) is always the same “No compatible devices found, make sure your usb device is connected properly..etc)

  2. Daniel Fox

    A lot of android phones have an FM tuner chip built in, however there all the software I’ve found available for it requires an internet connection to download ads. The software won’t work if it can’t download ads.

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