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If you’ve been wanting to use your RTL-SDR or HackRF on Linux, but didn’t know how to or couldn’t be bothered installing all the software, there is now a live DVD downloadable thanks to Reddit user rtl_sdr_is_fun. With a live DVD you can boot into an Ubuntu OS (with many pre-installed SDR related programs) directly from the DVD without the need to install anything.

The Live DVD is only available for 64-bit CPUs.

See more information about the Live CD and the software it contains in this release note, and see the Reddit thread here.

Direct Download:


Torrent: (seeded by server and supports webseed)


How to Calibrate RTL-SDR using Kalibrate-RTL on Linux

YouTube user NeedSec has posted a good tutorial video showing how to use Kalibriate-RTL, a program used to determine the frequency offset error of your RTL-SDR dongle. Every RTL-SDR dongle will have a small frequency error as it is cheaply mass produced and not tested for accuracy.  This frequency error is linear across the spectrum, and can be adjusted in most SDR programs by entering a PPM (parts per million) offset value.

Kalibrate is a Linux program that uses GSM mobile cell phone base stations to determine the PPM offset, by using the GSM signals own frequency correction bursts. See the tutorial video below.