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Radio Field Mixed Reality Visualization with the Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 is a recently released mixed reality headset from Meta. Recently Manahiyo has ported his RadioFieldAR software to the Quest 3. The RadioFieldAR software allows you to use a radio field probe together with an RTL-SDR or TinySA Ultra, and have the readings visualized in augmented/mixed reality. This could have several real world use cases, for example, probing an electronic PCB and mapping out the RF noisiest parts. Or for visualizing sources of RF signals.

Previously we posted about Manahiyo's work where he used a smartphone to visualize the augmented reality space, and also an older VR headset. Manahiyo writes:

MetaQUEST3, which was recently released, has a color pass-through function and features MR (Mixed Reality). Thanks to this, this software was made possible.

With a smartphone, We took measurements while looking at the antenna through the display, but with QUEST3, we can take measurements in MR (Mixed Reality) using color pass-through features.

In addition, the hand tracking function allows various settings and FFT to be displayed.

It is now possible to take measurements in a more natural and comfortable way.

There are still many bugs, so I'm considering distributing the executable file as before after fixing them.

Manahiyo has not released the software yet, but it appears he is willing to personally distribute the software for testing first. If we receive any further details about software  distribution we will update this post.

UPDATE 29 November 2023: Manahiyo has released the software on Github. He notes:

This software now supports both RTL-SDR and tinySA-ULTRA. Of course, Quest3 is also required. I have provided instructions in the README.md on the GitHub page, which should help you understand how to use it. Currently, only the APK file is available for download. I do not have a plan to open the source code at this time.

RadioFieldMR with the QUEST3 -Measuring noise on FPGA board-

RadioFieldMR with the QUEST3 -Measuring the FM transmitter signal-

Visualizing RF Fields in Augmented Reality with a tinySA-Ultra or RTL-SDR and Android Smartphone

The tinySA-Ultra is an affordable handheld spectrum analyzer that can be purchased for around US$130 on Aliexpress and authorized resellers such as R&L Electronics in the USA.

Recently on YouTube Manahiyo has used his tinySA-Ultra, and combined it with an RF EMC probe and an Android smartphone to create an augmented reality RF display. This is useful for measuring and visualizing the RF power around electronic devices for example. The code is entirely open source and released on GitHub

Manahiyo has also released an identical version that works with RTL-SDR dongles on GitHub as well.

In the past we've also posted about Manahiyo's previous work, in which he implemented a very similar augmented reality project using an RTL-SDR.

Augmented Reality EMC Probe with a tinySA-Ultra
[RadioFieldAR -tinySA-] Visualize radio wave strength. [電波可視化]