Preorder Sale: Active L-Band 1525-1660 Inmarsat and Iridium Patch Back In Stock for $44.95

We have just received stock of our new L-band active patch antenna design. The antenna is designed for receiving RHCP L-band satellites such as Inmarsat, Iridium, GPS and other satellites that transmit between 1525 - 1660 MHz (please note that you cannot use it for weak signals that require a dish like HRPT or GOES). The antenna comes as a set with a large suction cup, 3M RG174 extension cable and bendable tripod to help with mounting. Preorder pricing is US$44.95 including free worldwide shipping to most countries shipped from our warehouse in Shanghai. At the end of this week (extended for one more week!) pricing will rise to the standard cost of US$49.95. Amazon stock will require time, and won't be in for at least 6+ weeks.

Please see our store to order the unit

Like our previous patch design, this is an actively amplified antenna as it contains a built in low noise amplifier which takes power from a 3.3 - 5V bias tee. This power is available from from our RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongles, and other SDRs like the Airspy, HackRF and SDRplay. It also has a built in SAW filter after the LNA to help reduce terrestrial interference.

Compared to the previous design the new patch is larger (175 x 175 mm) with higher gain and wider radiation pattern. This allows for much easier pointing of the antenna and for much stronger signals. The upper frequency range has also been extended to 1660 MHz from 1625 MHz. The included suction cup is also much larger allowing for the patch to point at more angles without being restricted by the window. The patch is enclosed within a new weatherproof plastic enclosure. 

L-Band Patch with Accessories
L-Band Patch Mounting Examples

The screenshots below show the patch receiving various signals like AERO, STD-C and Iridium

Inmarsat Reception
Inmarsat Reception
Airspy Showing Patch Bandwidth
GPS "hump" visible

Usage Tips

  • The antenna should be used with one meter or more of coax cable. It may perform poorly if the RTL-SDR is placed right at the antenna due to interference. If you want to run very long cable, then low loss coax should be used. 
  • The patch can be used flat, or angled towards the satellite. Angling it towards the satellite will yield significantly higher gain.
  • If you have very strong cell phone interference in your area, try using the patch a bit lower to the ground, and use buildings to block the interfering signal.
  • If you want to mount this on a car roof, you can use a standard mag-mount camera adapter.
  • When using the suction cup, ensure you wipe down the cup and the window surface before sticking it on. Have a backup plan in case the suction fails.

What can you do with this antenna?

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L-Band antenna –

After being installed for less than six months, the case has warped and no longer seals against the environment, making it useless since it needs to be outside to pickup the satellites. For $60, this should have never happened. If you are planning to use this as anything other than a decoration, I recommend that you look elsewhere, or be prepared to take it apart and provide your own case that is actually designed to be exposed to the elements without warping. This experience has completely changed my opinion of rtl-sdr as a QUALITY minded company.


That is very good to hear. Would you know how I go about getting started on a warranty claim?


Thank you very much!

JM Pacouret

Since its circular polarized, is it possible to use it on a satellite dish -diam 80 cm- I suspect this means a 3dB loss, is it acceptable ? or should the use of a dish be regarded as useless ?

jm Pacouiret

Since its circular polarized, is it possible to use it on a satellite dish -diam 80 cm- I suspect this means a 3dB loss, is it acceptable ? or should the use of a dish be regarded as useless ?


Hi, Can you ship to Hong Kong? Thank you.


Any clue when these will be back in stock? And how well would this do on 8400 and 10500 in eastern North Carolina? I saw some questions on this but I really would like to get 10500 and 8400 from here without a dish or helical antenna.


What’s about LHCP ?
I want to buy an antenna with this polarization.


I ordered today the Inmarsat antenna Kit and I hope I will get it ASAP.
One question: I will use the SDRPLAY RSP1A , regarding the Tbias supply to the antenna , how I should configure the SdrPlay and the SDRPLAY Software? Thanks for any help on this! Does this antenna set up require an antenna pre-amplifier to improve the weak Inmarsat signal?

Claudio ( Glasgow) UK


When will this be on sale again please?

David C Jackson

I bought this patch antenna when it was first announced and I have been just completely amazed at what $45 can pull in from 24,000 miles away. Using JAERO and Scytale-C, I’ve been able to monitor INMARSAT and even do C channel voice reception. Being my first real foray into satellites (after pulling the ISS and UHF Fleet Satcomms off my HDTV antenna) I can say this thing is $45 well spent. I had a little issue with a manufacturing defect in the suction cup (looked like the shot in the cast ball part was defective and it broke off on first use) but after a brief email exchange, I received a new one at no-cost within acceptable shipping time from China. The replacement arrived with no issues. Overall, this is a high quality, high performing antenna and I highly recommend purchasing one!


Do you need a Nooelec to power this


Can the antenna also be used with a Iridium 9575 phone, or it works for receiving only?


It is an active device which means that it has an amplifier in the signal path, which are one way devices.

Philip Simpson

What is the current draw of this patch antenna, is it less that 50mA as in that provided by the airspy ?


hi i have a NESDR SMArt XTR SDR non bias tee model. so i will not be able to power the antenna. in a review / strip down video by tech minds, he showed a usb connector on the main board. . can this be used to power the device? and or are you bringing one out that can be powered externally.cheers steve UK


What is the impedance of this antenna: 50 or 75 ohms?


I received this antenna kit, but it looks defective.
I have tried both with the original RTL-SDR v.3, and with the SDR RSP2DUO which have the built-in bias tee but the antenna does not receive anything.
There are no waterfall variations between Bias tee on and Bias tee off, so I assume it is faulty and therefore I cannot use it

Andrew L

How long would it take for delivery in the UK if I purchased the new patch antenna from your store?

It’s states on your store the shipping is provided by I think, Fedex Air, is that still the shipping method used at the moment?

How long is shipping via FedEx likely to be in place?

Andrew L

Thank you for the info.

Andrew L

How much would it cost to send the patch antenna by Fedex?

adrian t

Ordered mine on the 24th, shipped on the 25th, entered the Royal Mail network on the 2nd April (Southwest DC), Warrington MC on the 3rd then to local DO and delivered to my workplace today. 12 days to get mine but might have been a couple of days quicker if it hadn’t sat in the MC/DO over the remainder of the 4 day bank holiday weekend.

Andrew L

Thank you for the info.


How much current does it draw?

umit orak

Hello. I can not shop. I want this antenna very much, but none of my bank cards are accepted. paypal is not used in our country. I would be glad if you could help. thank you.


Does the Inmarsat, Iridium foot print cover north America ???????????


I bought the last version of the antenna here and it didnt work so well….
i bought one from SDRKITS and it was way better !!!
burn me once shame on me burn me twice thats not nice…..


I ran both antennas and the sdrkits antenna was significantly better
to corroborate these findings I went over a friends house and ran the same test on his equipment.
On inmarsat std-c the sdrkits antenna was receiving the signals much stronger.

I was very disappointed with the previous version…..
I ordered a second sdrkits antenna and it worked just as good as the first one I ordered so now I have one at home and one for mobile use.


Is it RHCP or linear polarized?



Andrew L

What is the maximum current required by the new patch antenna?

What is the EbNo: shown in Jaero for the 600bps, 1200bps, 10500bps and voice 8400bps?

If the patch antenna is used outside in the sun and it being black, wouldn’t it get hot?

If it did get hot would it be possible that permanent or temporary physical damage due to distortion could occur?

Also would it affect the patch antenna’s performance including the electronics in the preamp?

Where are these patch antennas made?

Regardless of where they are purchased do these patch antennas all come from China?

Andrew L

How much would it cost to send the patch antenna v2 by Fedex to the UK?


What type patch inside the box?




Can we have the information what type of the antenna is inside the housing?
Maybe something like this design 🙂


Any way to combine maybe 6 of these in a 2×3 grid and receive GOES?


Or 4 with a KerberoSDR?