List of SDRSharp Plugins

There are a number of SDRSharp plugins that extend its functionality. Here is a collection of all the plugins and download links that I could find.

With modern SDR# installing a plugin is usually a simple matter of copying the plugin files to a subfolder within the SDR# Plugins folder. SDR# should automatically recognize the plugins.

Some plugins might require editing the Plugins.xml file with a text editor such as notepad. These plugins will contain a readme.txt or magicline.txt file that shows what line to add to the Plugins.xml file. Just copy and paste the plugin .dll into the SDR# folder and add the magicline line to the plugins.xml file to install the driver.

We note that SDRSharp can now be downloaded with a community plugin package, which includes many of the plugins listed below. However, sometimes some plugins get broken with newer SDR# versions, so if you have issues with the SDR# community edition, it may be wise to download the vanilla edition and install plugins manually.

Frequency Manager + Scanner and Scanner Metrics and Frequency Entry Package

This is a plugin package which comes with three plugins. It comes with a more advanced frequency manager than the one shipped with SDRSharp.

It also has a scanner option which can quickly scan through a group of your saved frequencies, looking for an active signal.

It also has a scanner metrics plugin, which records frequency activity to a database. Later this database can be analyzed to find out which frequencies are the most active, saving you time searching manually for active frequencies.

Finally, this package also has a frequency entry plugin, which works like the old SDRSharp frequency entry used to work. Basically, it just allows you to choose a center frequency and IF frequency easily by typing it in instead of adjusting it with the mouse.

Download the installation packager here

Frequency Manager + Scanner Plugin

Fast Scanner

Similar to the Frequency Manager and scanner plugin in that it automatically tunes to active signals above a certain power.

Download Link (Original website now dead)

Download Link (via

Download Link (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

Fast Scanner SDR# PluginFast Scanner SDR# Plugin

DDE Plugin

Allows programs like WXTrack to work with SDRSharp through a DDE interface.

Instructions and Download Link Here

QPSK Demodulator

Used to demodulate QPSK signals from the Meteor M2 weather satellites. Used in conjunction with LRPT decoder. See tutorial here.

Download Here (Original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

DDE Tracking and Scheduler Plugin

Another plugin that allows satellite tracking software like WxTrack and Orbitron to interface with SDR#. This one is meant to be used with the QPSK decoder plugin for automatic scheduled decoding of satellite passes. See tutorial here.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

DDE Orbitron Interface SDR# Plugin.

Gpredict Connector

Allows the GPredict satellite tracking software to interface with SDR# and automatically control the frequency.

Download Here

SDRSharp Net Remote

Allows you to remotely control SDR# through a network connection.

Download Here

CTCSS Detector and Squelch

Adds a Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) decoder.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


DCS Detector and Squelch Plugin

Adds a Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) decoder. Similar to the CTCSS detector.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


TimeShift SDR

Allows signal reception to be timeshifted to allow for time to click on a signal.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Digital Audio Processor

Adds digital audio processing features such as an improved squelcher, an audio inverter and a bandpass and deemphasis filter.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Audio Processor

Similar to the digital audio processor shown above, but adds the ability to graphically adjust the bandpass filter in the audio spectrum of SDR#.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)



IF Notch Plugin

Adds the ability to create an asymmetric and notched IF filter.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Simple APCO 25

Enables decoding of a single APCO 25 channel through SDR.

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

RDS Logger

Logs Radio Data System (RDS) data to a CSV file.

Download Here

RDS Data Logger SDR# Plugin

DSD+ GUI Interface

Adds a GUI interface for the popular DSD+ digital speech decoder program.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

DSD+ SDR# Plugin GUI

TETRA Decoder

Adds a TETRA decoder.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Enables multiple VFO's in SDR#. (In other words, you can tune to several stations simultaneously within the same swatch of live bandwidth)

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Audio Waterfall Plugin

Adds an audio spectrum waterfall to SDR#.

Download Here (Original plugin seems to be dead but the link is left up just in case it comes back)

Download Alternative Plugin Here



Allows you to watch analogue PAL TV channels in black and white through SDR#.

Download Here (original webiste now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)



Modified Baseband Recording Plugin

An enhanced version of the recording plugin that comes standard with all SDR# installations. Adds a scheduler, a feature to record only when there is a signal, select samplerate, and choose file output location.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Modified Audio Recording Plugin

A modified version of the default audio recording plugin. Adds a scheduler.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


IF Recorder Plugin

Allows you to record an IQ file of just the current IF bandwidth. An IQ recording of just the IF bandwidth will be much smaller than one of the entire bandwidth.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

IF (Intermediate Frequency) Recorder SDR# Plugin

Level Meter Plugin

Adds a power meter for the currently tuned frequency and bandwidth.

Download Here

Level Meter SDR# Plugin

CSVUserlistBrowser SDR# Plugin

Allows users to interface with the CSVUserlistBrowser plugin intended for use with Winradio products. The CSVUserlistBrowser is a program that provides a database of radio stations.

Download Here


MPX Output Plugin

Allows programs like RDS Spy to work with the audio output from SDR#.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Radio Sky Spectrograph Plugin

This allows SDR# to interface with Radio-Spy Spectrograph which is radio astronomy software that allows fine control over a waterfall display.

Download Here

The Radio-Sky Spectrograph SDR# Plugin

Aviation band 8.33 Calculator Plugin

Automatically converts the current frequency input to an aviation one according to the standard 8.33 kHz channel spacing.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Frequency Lock Plugin

Simply locks the frequency settings in SDR# to prevent accidental changes.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


Unitrunker Serial Based Trunking Plugin

Allows Unitrunker to interface with SDR#. For example it can be used to allow unitrunker to control the frequency setting in SDR# to following trunked conversations over various frequencies. NOTE: This plugin is no longer required as Unitrunker no longer needs to interface with SDR# for anything. But we leave it here in case there are legacy use cases.

Download Here


Passive Radar Plugin

Allows you to use the RTL-SDR as a passive radar detector.

Download Here
(Website appears to be down, but here is a DIRECT LINK) (Note: Requires XNA4.0)

The Passive Radar plugin by Dr. Kaminski in SDR#.

IF Average

Averages the current bandwidth. Is useful for applications such as radio astronomy.

Download Here
(Website appears to be down, but here is a DIRECT LINK) (Note: Requires XNA4.0)

The IF Average plugin by Dr. Kaminski.

Contour Shuttle Support

Adds support for mapping buttons on Contour shuttle USB controllers to SDR# functions.

Contour Shuttle Plugin for SDR#

Download Here

Visual Tuner Knob

Adds a simple visual tuner knob that is especially useful for those running SDR# on touchscreens.

Download Here

Audio Streaming TCP Server

Allows you to stream demodulated audio over a TCP server.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)

The plugin streaming via TCP to VLC

CalicoCAT Serial CAT Control Plugin

Allows you to control SDR# from WSJT, HDSDR and other software. Requires a virtual serial port like com0com.

Download Here

Heatmap Generator Plugin

Allows you to generate a heatmap image from an rtl_power scan in SDR#. You can then click on the heatmap to instantly tune to found 'hot' areas.

Download Here

SDRSharp RTL-SDR Heatmap Plugin

Magic-Eye Plugin

Adds a "magic-eye" or cats eye graph to SDR#, which allows you to view the eye pattern of the tuned signal.

Download Here

Multimon-ng Launcher Plugin

A launcher for the multimon-ng decoder.

Download Here

RDS Groups to RSDSpy .spy Format File Plugin

Interface SDR# RDS detection with RDSSpy

Download Here

Tetra demodulator utils plug-in

Works with the TETRA decoder plugin above. Saves Tetra demodulator plug-in network info window textbox contents (calls info, ms registrations) to file. 

Download Here

Signal diagnostics logger plugin

Logs data from the built in Signal Diagnostics plugin to file.

Download Here

SDRSharp FFT peek hold plug-in

Simple peak hold plugin.

Download Here

TETRA demod plug-in network info grid data logger

Works with the TETRA decoder plugin above. TETRA demod plug-in network info grid data logger.

Download Here

TETRA plug-in UDP raw data logger with Python

Works with the TETRA decoder plugin above. Can log raw binary data to user-defined UDP port

Download Here

Front End Plugins

Modified R820T FrontEnd with Manual Control and Decimation

Not really a plugin, but a modified front end interface and driver for the RTL-SDR that allows manual control over the LNA, Mixer and VGA gain stages. Also enables decimation which allows for better narrowband warefall views, and a easy control for activating a SpyVerter upconverter.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


File Player

This plugin give a playback interface when playing back recorded IQ files. Allows you to view the entire waterfall of the recorded file and quickly skip to any time.

Download Here (original website now dead)

Download Here ( Mirror)

Download Here (RTL-SDR Blog Mirror)


E4000 Gain Mod Enabler

A plugin which allows the E4000 Linrad gain profiles to be used in SDRSharp, via use of a modified rtl_tcp server.

Download Here

Plugins that no longer work

These plugins no longer work, but may still work with older versions of SDR#. Usually they stop working because of an SDR# upgrade that requires some minor modification to the plugin, but the plugin is no longer maintained. Some provide code so there may be hope in getting these running again if someone is willing to make the changes and recompile the code.

Orbitron Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Superseeded by the DDE Tracking and Scheduler Plugin (shown in the above list)

Allows the Orbitron satellite tracking software to control the frequency in SDRSharp. This is useful as Orbitron can automatically correct for the Doppler shift when listening to satellites.

Download Here

Mirror At the bottom of this page

Satellite Tracker Plugin

Easy Scanner Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Another scanner plugin similar to the scanners already shown above. Add frequencies to the database, then use the scanner to automatically find an active signal.

Download link and users guide here.

Easy Scanner SDR# Plugin

Audio FFT Plugin (Not Working with 1400+)

Adds a audio FFT display in the plugin window.

Download Here

Audio FFT SDR# Plugin

ScopeView Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Adds a simple audio scope to the plugin window.

Download Here

Scope Viewer SDR# Plugin

Simple Audio EQ Balance Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Adds a simple audio EQ balance setting option box in the plugin window.

Download Here

Audio EQ Balance SDR# Plugin

Signal Strength Logger (Not working with 1400+)

Logs signal strengths over time of specified stations.

Download Here


SDR# Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Enables SW station names to be displayed within SDR#.

Download Here SDR# Plugin

GlobalTuners SDR# Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Allows SDR# to associate with a account.

Download Here

Unitrunker Trunking Plugin (Not working with 1400+)

Allows the trunking control software Unitrunker to control the frequencies in SDRSharp. This allows digital and analogue trunking systems to be followed. Note that Unitrunker can now directly interface with the RTL-SDR, so using SDR# together with Unitrunker is no longer recommended.

Download Here

SDRSharp Trunker Plugin

AutoTuner Plugin (Out of date)

Automatically tunes to signals that appear in the spectrum which are above a certain adjustable signal strength. Can also create null areas to prevent automatically tuning to unwanted signals. There seems to be only an outdated version, which is built in to an old version of SDRSharp available.

Download Here

Auto Tuner SDR# Plugin

ADSB# Plugin (Missing)

Runs the ADSB# ADS-B decoding program as a plugin in SDRSharp. The main advantage to using this plugin is that you get to visually see the waterfall whilst decoding. It also adds a 1-bit CRC error check.

Download from the files section of this Yahoo group. (You will need to register first) (Note: File is gone now, still looking for updates to this plugin)

ADSB# SDR# Plugin

Modified ScopeView Plugin (Missing)

A modified version of the scope view plugin with Decimation, HoldOff and Hold options resides in the SDRSharp Yahoo group files section under the name (you will need to join the group first to download).

Download Here


SDR# Dark Mode Plugin

Adds simple UI options to SDR#, including the ability to make the interface black in color, remove excess padding to save screen space and to move the top frequency toolbar to the bottom of the screen.

Download Here

FFT Grabber Plugin

Allows you to take easy screenshots of the FFT and waterfall spectrums.

Download here

Accessibility Plugin

Adds accessibility options such as keyboard shortcuts and larger OSD fonts.

Download Here

ExtendedFFT Plugin

Highly featured IF FFT extension. Includes bandpass filter, markers, analyzer and more.

Download Here

Toolbar Plugin

Puts some useful SDR# controls right on the SDR# toolbar, making them easier to access.

Download Here

Other Plugin Lists

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Link provided for Unitrunker Serial Based Trunking Plugin is a dead link now, anyone have an alternate DL? If not can anyone who has the plugin host it somewhere?

Joseph Dunn

I want to use to make new databases for my rtl-sdr, how do i make my own custom made databases, please?

Neil Mudford

I presume you are wanting to cut and paste the returned listing and convert it to a SDR# frequency file?

Assuming you are using Windows and have Excel, you cut and paste the file into a new worksheet and using the provided SDR frequency file as a template, extract the data into a new list.

In (very) simple terms, once you have pasted the data and within Excel, press to open the VBA tool and create a new module to hold your code to output in the required format.



Neil Mudford

You need to press the ALT and F11 keys to access the VBA tool.



Yevgeny birkovsky

can’t change input output dsd sdrsharp plagin when press OK return to defolt value win10 64 help

Ahmed Alkadhim

Modified R820T FrontEnd with Manual Control and Decimation does not work anymore in the latest updates 1501+.


Link Update: you may find the RDS Logging Plugin here:
Old adress not longervalif


Level Meter Plugin updated


Hi experts,

I want to use the schedule for this baseband recorder.
I have set the times I need the recording.
It seems not to work.
Do I initiate the recording first before I start the schedule or what is the process.
I cannot minimize the schedule panel too to start recording when I draw the schedule
How is it used?
I want to record IQ at specific times at same frequency.

Thank You

Tom Gibson

Think you might be better off with rtl_power function from the Linux terminal with a crontab to schedule the events.


I’d like to propose a more “generic” type of plugin with only a few HW-related limits: e.g. 16 or 24 bit samples, 100Msps sample rate maximum. As of now I see that most HW-related dlls (hackRF, RTL-SDR) are limited on their input and output interface: usb and transfer to the next dll (e.g. 8bit samples, 3.2Msps max for rtl-sdr and 8bit samples, 20Msps for hackRF).

What do think about a #define line or function that SDR# can call to retrieve details about maximums instead of hard-coded limits. I.e. the HW-related dll would define the limits according to the HW it links to. E.g. rtl-sdr: 3.2Msps, 8bits and in case there’s a … let’s say … similar chip which could do 8Msps the dll could be updated and re-compiled instead of re-compiling the complete chain to get the 8Msps into the GUI. I think this could give us a more uniform interface to SDR#.

As an alternative, is there something like this related to TCP? If so I could connect to localhost:1234 and provide the details about the HW using the TCP server…

Does that make sense to you?

Uncle Undecided

Hello admin,

like many other people these days, I stepped up from an RTL dongle to the SDRplay RSP. As you may know, the RSP is not compatible with SDR# builds newer than 1361, which is a major letdown for many RSP owners. Some of the greatest SDR# plug-ins have been updated to work in newer versions and the older versions still compatible with SDR#1361 are not available anymore, all the links lead to the (for us) incompatible new versions. :`(

These older versions are probably floating around on their author’s harddisks though and I was thinking a post on this prominent blog, asking the plug-in authors for making the old versions available again for us poor RSP users would be a great way to spread the word? I’m sure any SDR# user who has an RSP would appreciate that.

Thank you in advance for considering this.
Uncle Undediced

Uncle Undecided

BTW, the “Passive Radar Plug-in” has been updated for .NET 4.6/SDR#1400+ as well (the list doesn’t show that), one of the reasons for my comment.

Paul Kobetz

Just got Nooelec running on my Win10 machine but audio is by default (greyed out) sent to the

(MME) Speakers (Ws/ then something that is unreadable..

I would like to direct the sound to the built in speakers.. How can I do that?

Any help would be appreciated

Bill N4DM

SDR# v 1430 AirSpy Win10
Is there a plugin that extends the range of “Spectrum Speed”, i.e. X10, X100 X1K? I would like to make the waterfall ~12 hours top to bottom with scaled time markers.


Bob K

is there a plug in that will allow you to have the channel names shown on the tuner area above the waterfall?


“Frequency Manager” plug will let you same stations found with a name showing in the waterfall

Thomas Morgan

I have tried these plugins but need something they do not provide or I am not setting it up right.
I would like to scan a frequency range and log the entire list data set including Noise Floor to and database .
lets say 400 too 700 mhz logging the signal at intervals I set. Just measure, report and log,
If anyone thinks they can help me email me for details.


The standalone “spektrum” program can show across a large slice of spectrum (larger than RTL-SDR bandwidth). Unfortunately no data export function, but you could screen shot the plot.

Schalk Nell

i am new to sdr but not to radio and would like to know if a plugin has been developed that can decode DTMF,ANI,ZVEI ect .Has anybody tried this or experiment with it that can help me with this .I found a program on the net ‘Wintone” but it was written for windows 95 and it looks like no more support on it


Man, do you understand that Windows 95 is an operating system from the year 1995 ? That is 20 years ago. Maybe you should focus your search on something more recent?


I’m sure he knows that…that’s why he asked if there was somthing more up to date….


On Linux, there is multimon


I am searching for someone who could help me in writing a small plugin for SDR#.
I have a network controlled antenna switch and would like to be able to switch the
antennas out of SDR#. The first step would be to integrate some buttons to switch
4 output signals on and off. I would be already very grateful if someone could help
with this. Of course there are additional options like selecting the antennas automatically
as a function of selected frequency etc, but that might be too sophisticated. Any help
is very much appreciated.
Kind regards
Matthias DD1US


I would like to see a wideband spectrum analyzer application. I understand that they are limited to 2 MHz of spectrum, but take a sweep, move 2 MHz and take another, and so on. It would be slow, but usable. I’d like to be able to see 100 MHz in one sweep.


Hi all,

Is there a plug-in to scan set frequencies? I’d like to monitor know airband freqs in my area but the only scanner plug-ins I can see are ones which monitor from (lets say) 133.500 to 143.500 not pre-defined channels such as 133.900, 145.000, 122.700, etc. I hope that makes sense.


Looks like “Frequency Manager + Scanner and Scanner Metrics and Frequency Entry Package Plugin” is what you are looking for:

“This is a plugin package which comes with three plugins. It comes with a more advanced frequency manager than the one shipped with SDRSharp.

It also has a scanner option which can quickly scan through a group of your saved frequencies, looking for an active signal”

(i’m new to SDR to, just ordere my stick and was looking for the same, looking to log for about a day with fast scan of a wide range of frequencies to find interesting parts, and then let it scan with audio on the frequencies.)


Please provide all plugin in single package.


How to decode PSK31? and other popular amateur radio protocols?


Try fldigi

Perth SDR Guy

Hi, Is there a way to use it like a scanner, enter the frequencies with different ctcss for each frequency as channels, enable or disable each freq/channel and scan through them? The individual ctcss for each freq/channel seems to be missing. Thanks in advance


hi ,I have got sdr and virtual audio cable running to to try some decoding … how do I get command prompt running on sdr software ………I have seen videoes on utube with command prompt running on the screen…look forward to your reply

Terry Gaff

Hi, I’m successfully decoding DMR voice traffic using SDR Sharp and DSD+ via VB Cable software. When the VB Cable is selected as the ‘Output’ I hear only the decoded speech that DSD+ outputs to my speakers. Is there a way that I can hear the un-decoded signal also ?
Many thanks.

Marcin Kowalski


To hear the undecoded signal from SDR# piped to VB Cable, go to Volume Mixer / Recording Devices, select VB Cable Input properties, Listen tab, check “Listen to this device” and select your speaker or headphones as playback device.


Terry Gaff

Many thanks Marcin… that fixed it 🙂

Peter van Stralen

Hi There,

Is it possible to make a update or new plugin for the AutoTuner?
I only can find a old version of SDR Sharp where is can not correct the AGC settings.
For the rest the functions are fine. I love the software.


It’s never gonna happen. Sorry.


To enable the “Level Meter Plugin” in sdr# v.1299 must add the plugin key in the file “Plugins.xml” present in the root of the program, not inside the general config file as stated today in the plugin package.


The Level meter and SDR# is working but I can’t do anything, like freq, mode or change anything els on the program, the spectrum an waterfall is working.



I did add the key to the “Plugins.xml” but then everything stop working……



I miss a signal strength meter plugin, must be able to calibrate and read in S units and db……..There is one but does not work in the later versions of SDR#


E4000 Gain Mod Enabler .. Download not working where to get this ? Urgent need for this! 🙂


can someone make a plugins or dll file, to “sum up” the reception bandwidth three RTL2832 dongle so you have about 6-8MHz?
for example, to set the desired frequency in the first dongle and dll file or plugins to the second dongle to gather F +2.5 MHz 3rd f+5 MHz ( or F+2, F+4 )
Something like this ..

James C Miller

How do I get the SDR SHARP to display the converted Freq from the HAM UP converter?
Is this a manual calculation Subtracting 125MGHZ from the Freq Displayed on the SDR SHARP ?


Under the modulation type, there is a checkbox labeled ‘Shift’ and to its right a field to enter a frequency.
Enter -125000000 in the field and click the checkbox. SDR# will now display the shifted frequency in the HF range. The crystal on your upconverter will not be a perfect 125Mhz though. Tune to a known frequency (such as WWV on 10Mhz) and adjust the value in that field appropriately. For example, mine ended up being -125,000,580


I have downloaded the satellite tracker plugin and added the line from the readme file to the sharp plugins section of the sdrsharp.exe.config file. But when I open SDRSharp and I go to the Satellite Tracker plugin next to the Tracking Software title is an empty box. There is no dropdown to choose Orbitron from. I have uninstalled the plugin and re-installed it but it does the same thing every time. Anyone have any idea why the plugin acts that way?


CTCSS Detector and Squelch Plugin moved to its permanent location


Hello, I have a Problem with unlocking locked frequencies in the Fast Scanner Plugin, when I am scanning like in this Picture: It will be better if the scanned frequencies where stored in a XML file, so after a scan I could edit this file how I like.
The other Problem is when I am scanning and switching with skip, I could get angry If it do not swith to the next band, there should be a button in the scanner which can tell the scanner it not to Switch only the frequency, it have to Switch to the higher band I am scanning.
Do you dudes think you can code it? – I would be very happy for this and I think not only me wanne tank you for this modification in the next Version of the fast scanner plugin! ;D

greetz from Germany, EU
– MasterAccurate(R), SEC(RM), EU –


You do not correctly use the scanner. Step size 25 kHz filter bandwidth 10 kHz for airband.


Hi! Could this: be used for development of an APRS decoder plugin in SDR#? Or is there already such plugin?
Thanks in advance for your answer!


Need a voice inversion and voice operated squelch (VOS) plugins.


I agree!

IK3ERY Sergio


I’m currently looking for a plugin (Autotuner) previously downloaded from this website:“; on the webiste I may still find the presentation and a link to download it. Once downloaded the file named “” (with a size of 1046 Kb), then unzipped it, I have tried to run the “SDRSharp” but it does not contain anymore
the desired plugin (Autotuner).
Does anyone know where I can find an Autotuner plugin?
Thanks for your help
73 de Sergio
[email protected]

John Bailey

Using RTL in direct conversion mode for HF. Would love to see a Noise Blanker and a notch filter.

mike bond

SDR# is great but try HDSDR instead … it has both functions and latest version works with RTL-SDR.

IN3IEX Giorgio

I am very interested in the scope plugin.
I develop old style AM transmitters and the scope view is very useful to see the envelope (rx in USB or LSB)
It should be necessary to have two “speed” controls for the scope.

1) trace speed, like ms to have a full trace, going from maximum speed to about 1 second for a full trace (to see individual words)

2) hold off time, that is time between one plot and the following one, useful to have time to “see” the individual plot, going from the minimum possible to a full second or even more.

Super accuracy or calibration is not necessary, so do not invent anything new, just change actual speed cotrol to these two suggested controls.

Thank you again.

IN3IEX Giorgio

After a week spent learning C# I was able to write two new oscilloscope plugins.
The first one is the one I needed for TX monitoring, the second one is the “stereo panoramic” oscilloscope display, a rotated XY unipolar plot, similar to a plot I saw on Sequerra FM tuners.
Both available on SDRSharp Yahoo group files section (you will need to join the group first to download).
Regards. Giorgio IN3IEX


Thank you Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!

steven potter

i purchased a dongle,,a small square dongle to get radio aircraft frequency,,but it doesnt work,,i plug into a windows and a mac,,both do not even recognize the dongle,,nothing happens,,i have a small mini disc i loaded into windows machine,,nothing in it,,nothing worked,,it doesnt work on my mac,,disc wont load on mac,,to small,,this thing is worthless or i dont know how to work it,,what do i do??how do i get this dongle to work,,it is,,dvb-t r820t 2832u dongle,,why doesnt it work,,why doesnt computer even recognize and driver loads??no driver at all,,where to get drivers and other plug in,,,?????help.

Petri Toivonen

Has anyone considered using GPU in SDR? I think that many DSP processes could benefit from using CUDA or ATI STREAM, or just OpenCL.

Jeff Knapp

Hi, just a note to say thanks for including my plugins in your list and to say thanks for updating your link to the installer. I appreciate it.
Jeff N8GJL