SignalsEverywhere: Creating a 2.4 GHz Amateur Television Station with a Barbie Camera

In this episode Corrosive from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel begins a series on reverse engineering an old 90's Barbie branded 2.4 GHz wireless camcorder toy, and using it for Amateur Radio TV. The camcorder toy consists of the wireless camera, and a base station that plugs into a TV.

After taking the camcorder apart Corrosive discovered a potentiometer on the PCB which allows the transmit frequency to be adjusted, and that the camera's CCD sensor can actually output composite video, possibly allowing for improved video quality. In addition he found the datasheet for the main FM demodulator chip on board the base station, and saw that it is designed to operate from 350 to 550 MHz. So he speculates that elsewhere in the circuit is a 2.4 GHz downconverter which may be useful for other projects too.

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