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Demonstrating the IF Processor and Notch Filter Plugin in SDR#

Over on YouTube user  FMDX HUN (Luc1f3rk0) has uploaded a video showing how useful the SDR# IF Processor and Notch Filter Plugin can be when attempting to DX FM broadcast stations. He shows that it can be used to listen to stations that are almost overlapping by cutting out the unwanted signal.

The plugin itself can be downloaded from http://rtl-sdr.ru/page/para-novyh-plaginov.

SDRSharp+IF Processor & Tracking Notch Filter Plugin demostration

New SDR# Plugin: File Player

A new plugin for SDR# has been released by Vasilli over on rtl-sdr.ru. The new plugin is called File Player and replaces the default SDR# IQ file source player (page is in Russian, use Google translate if necessary). The new features include:

  • The ability to play 32-bit WAV files up to 4GB.
  • The ability to play very large 64-bit WAV files.
  • Adds a new display that shows a compressed image of the entire waterfall and shows where in time the playback is up to.
  • Allows you to modify the waterfall play time position with the mouse.
  • Adds a stop and pause button.

Note that to install this plugin you do not add the magicline to the plugins.xml file. Instead you need to add it to the <frontendPlugins> section of the SDRSharp.exe.Config text file.

File Player plugin for SDR#.
File Player plugin for SDR#.

List of all SDRSharp Plugins from rtl-sdr.ru

Vasilli, an SDR# plugins programmer has released a list of all his available SDR# plugins on his website rtl-sdr.ru (in Russian, use Google translate). Some even which were missing from our own list. The ones we hadn’t seen yet were:

  1. MPX Output plugin. Allows programs like RDS Spy to work with the audio output from SDR#
  2. Aviation band 8.33 calculator. Automatically converts the current frequency input to an aviation one according to the standard 8.33 kHz channel spacing.
  3. Frequency Lock. Simply locks the frequency change settings in SDR# to prevent accidental changes.
  4. SDR Update Script. Not a plugin, but a script that automatically updates SDR# and installs most of Vasilli’s plugins all at once. To use this script, it must be placed in a subdirectory of the SDR# folder.

Here’s an example video of SDR# running the MPX plugin so that RDS Spy can be used.

SDR # RDS Spy using MPX plugin by Vasili

New SDR# Plugin: IF Recorder

On rtl-sdr.ru, the author of several SDR# plugins has uploaded a new one called “IF Recorder”. This plugin allows you to easily record an IQ file of just the intermediate frequency (IF). In SDR#, the IF is the shaded area with the red line which you use to tune with.

This plugin looks to be great for recording example IQ samples of signals because the output file will be significantly smaller and more manageable compared to recording the entire bandwidth. It is also useful for recording IQ files for use in decoding METEOR M2 weather satellite images, as the decoding software requires an IQ file of the LRPT signal. The plugin also has a schedule option which could be used to start and stop recording the METEOR M2 weather satellite signals automatically.

IF (Intermediate Frequency) Recorder SDR# Plugin
IF (Intermediate Frequency) Recorder SDR# Plugin

New SDR# Plugins: IF Processor & Audio Processor

Over on rtl-sdr.ru, Vaisili the programmer of several popular SDR# plugins has released two new plugins: an IF and an Audio Processor plugin (in Russian, use Google Translate).

The IF Processor plugin is designed to upgrade the Zoom FFT plugin that comes standard with a fresh install of SDR#.  The IF processor plugin comes with a tracking notch filter and an asymmetric filter controls. These features will allow you to easily remove interfering signals that appear on top of your signal of interest.

The Audio Processor plugin allows you to improve the audio output using a controllable graphical audio bandpass filter. This feature can help you to remove any hiss or other undesirable sounds in the output audio.

The two new SDR# plugins demonstrated on an AM signal
The two new SDR# plugins demonstrated on an AM signal

SDR# Plugins: Frequency Manager Updated and New RDS Logger Plugin

Recently the commonly used frequency manager plugin for SDR# was updated to version 1.6. The latest version can be downloaded from http://www.sdrsharpplugins.com/. The updates are as follows:

  • The Frequency Description is now displayed in the upper-right corner of the spectrum analyzer, along with the indicator for multiple database entries for that frequency.
  • As a result of moving the above information to the spectrum analyzer, the Frequency Manager panel is now 35% smaller.
  • The Clipboard Monitor now optionally watches the clipboard for frequencies you might have copied from the internet; and if that can be converted to a MHz value it tunes the radio to that frequency.
  • Function Keys F1-F10 can now be used to tune to a preset frequency.


  • A new Minimum Signal Strength Line is displayed on the spectrum display.  This, along with real-time display of the current signal’s strength when the scanner is running, let you see at a glance how that signal compares to your scanner settings.  In addition you can use customize the line with one of 6 line patterns.
  • Current Signal Strength in dB is displayed in the upper right corner of the spectrum analyzer, just after the Frequency Description.
  • Timeout and Watchdog timers’ indicators are now displayed in the upper right corner of the spectrum analyzer.

Also, on the SDR# Yahoo group discussion mailing list user Andy Pritchard has released a beta version of his new RDS Data Logger plugin for SDR#. This plugin can be used to log Radio Data System (RDS) data on a single frequency or on multiple frequencies by using the scan function. It can be a very useful tool for FM DXers. The plugin is still in beta but can be downloaded now directly from http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/rdsdataloggerBeta4.zip. Later versions may be released on the SDR# Yahoo group.

RDS Data Logger SDR# Plugin
RDS Data Logger SDR# Plugin

Two New SDR# Plugins Released: ShortWave Info and DCS Decoder

Recently two new SDR# plugins have just been released.

The first is a plugin which shows the name and language of the shortwave station that is currently tuned in using data from short-wave.info. It can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/sdrsharpshortwaveinfoplugin/.

short-wave.info SDR# Plugin
short-wave.info SDR# Plugin

The second plugin is a Digital Code Squelch (DCS) decoder plugin. The plugin will display the DCS codes that are transmitted with the signal and will display all possible compatible codes. DCS is a squelching system similar to CTCSS which allows for radio user sharing by ensuring that radio users are not bothered by communications not intended for them. The DCS Decoder plugin can be downloaded from http://www.rtl-sdr.ru/page/novyj-plagin-dcs-decoder (note page in Russian).

Digital Code Squelch (DCS) Decoder Plugin for SDR#
Digital Code Squelch (DCS) Decoder Plugin for SDR#

Hak5: Autonomous Boats, Hacker Printers And RTL-SDR Plugins

This week on the popular YouTube show Hak5, SDRSharp plugins are discussed once more amongst other topics. This time at around the 17 minute mark, Shannon discusses how to install plugins that do not have automated installers. For an example she shows how to install the Level Meter plugin.

Autonomous Boats, Hacker Printers And RTL-SDR Plugins, Hak5 1623