Video on Meteor M2-3 LRPT, HRPT and Telemetry Reception

Over on YouTube dereksgc has another video on Meteor M2-3 reception. In the video Derek goes over the history of Meteor M launches and then goes on to test reception of the 3.4 GHz telemetry signal which he recorded early after the satellites launch.

The next day he sets up 1.7 GHz HRPT reception using a hand tracked satellite dish and is successful as receiving it. He then goes on to test 137 MHz LRPT reception with a V-dipole antenna and RTL-SDR and is also successful. Finally he decodes the recordings using SatDump and is able to get some great images.

Derek also notes that there might be a problem with the LRPT antenna which could explain some reports of poor reception at some elevations of the satellite. He notes that it seems likely that the QFH antenna extension process on the satellite didn't extend fully or at all.

Receiving Meteor-M N2-3 LRPT and HRPT || Satellite reception pt.11

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13 July 2023 Tomorrow 14 July after 08h UTC transition to 80Kz instead 72Kz.

12 July 2023 Meteor M-N2-3 switching to 137.100MHz for the 3 days.


10 July 2023 Meteor M-N2-3 switching to 137.900MHz for the 3 days.

Ron Liekens

Frequency has changed to 137.1 MHz since today!