Financial Times Story about Ukraine Radio Monitoring with WebSDRs

The Financial Times has recently run a video story on how hobbyist WebSDR setups are being use to record Russian radio communications during the war on Ukraine.

In these modern times, we would expect the Russian military to be making full use of encrypted radio communications on the battlefield. But early on in the invasion it came to be clear that much of the Russian forces are much less advanced than first thought, and are using cheap civilian unencrypted radios that anyone nearby can listen to with an RTL-SDR or via a web connected SDR.

The FT story focuses on how open source contributors from all over the world are helping to monitor internet connected WebSDRs that are close enough to receive Russian radio communications. And how volunteers are helping translate, confirm authenticity, and collect information about possible war crimes. 

If you are interested, previously we posted about a similar video story from the New York Times, and have covered various bits of radio related news from the war in two previous posts [1][2].

Ukraine's battle of the airwaves | FT

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Why is it that the corporations, banks and their followers all favor Ukraine over Russia, despite a vast majority of the employees and followers of these corporations not residing in either country? Very interesting.


You’re right, the globalists want a new world order with a single world government (a large concentration camp), and Putin is fighting for a multipolar world, freedom and equality of different countries. Ukraine is just a pawn of the globalists.


sad to see this being politicized here

A K5 YL in DL

Radio nerds doing the Lord’s work 🙂


Are you serious?