OpenEar Updated to Version 1.6

The RTL-SDR compatible multi-mode digital decoder OpenEar has recently been updated to version 1.6. The latest version currently supports the decoding of FM/AM, TETRA, DMR, Pocsag and ADS-B. New features include a zoomable waterfall and other GUI and functionality improvements. The changelog reads:

version 1.6.0
- saving last settings
- waterfall
- zoom on spectrum and waterfall with mouse wheel
- better list placement (pocsag & ads-b)
- wav(I/Q) loading (only 1024000 Sample/sec)
- voice volume & mute button
- spectrum range and offset
- rtl gain and correction (ppm)
- top menu
- frequency list
- some DMR improvement on SYNC detection
- solved center frequency issue (DC problem)
- and other few UI improvements

OpenEar Version 1.6
OpenEar Version 1.6
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Can you please send me the link ? thank you


can you put a link to openear? thanks


Hi, the program says no RTL device found tried it with HackRF and SdrUno RSP1A on 2 laptops both windows 10 can someone guess what is the problem


I’ve got 1.7, but the left hand panel (with the mode/squelch/frequency list) isn’t showing, the View menu shows Top Panel/Fit Spectrum only.

It looks like it is v1.5 (not v1.6 as the screenshot at the top of this page shows v1.6 had the frequency list). Even downloaded it again from a link someone posted in this thread. Any ideas? – And I’ve checked the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Looking at one of the file properties, it’s showing File version and Product version 1.6.0. Perhaps that’s it?


I am so stupid. There’s a button ||| top left that expands the left hand pane !

I guess the v1.6.0.0 / v1.6.0 in the file details is was just an oversight when compiling.


Its been removed. Does anyone have a old version. The project is on hold for some license


I’ve just installed openear 1.7 for windows 10 and everything seems to be working fine on the waterfall but i’m not hearing any audio. Ive already tried replacing rtlsdr.dll from my sdr# folder and that didn’t change anything. Any thoughts?


Can you please send me the link ? -thank you


läuft der Hackrf auch ?
bekomme laufend fehler meldung ” No RTL Device Found”
hab mit Zadig die Drivrt indtalliert.

Danke im vorraus für eure hilfe…


Alles was mit adsb ist läuft nur auf rtl sticks leider.


Hello, anybody have version 1.6 to share ? Thank You


1.7 with tet enabled!


Bless ya!




Nice! Thank you!


Thank you!!


I tried to run this on a Win 7 and a Win 10 machine.I placed rtlsdr.dll in the folder.I keep getting the following error:
“unable to run error 0xc0000007b”

Ash Nallawalla

You might have downloaded the 64-bit files. Try the x86 ones.


Waterfall is freezing but i have audio
W10 32bit


Just started using Open Ear yesterday. I’m really impressed with this excellent programme. I’m getting much better results with this than most of the other trunking apps…well done.

Just a few suggestions: Could the frequency list box be made bigger or resizeable?
The scrolling text in POCSAG is going in the wrong direction. The latest text should really be at the top of the list please.
Is there a way to make the spectrum draggable up and down to change the Visible frequency range?

Possible future requests:
Will P25 decoding be available at some time?
Will we be able to see Channel/Talkgroups text etc for DMR/Tetra like we see in POCSAG and ADSB?

Excellent work guys…I love it!!


Using version 1.6 and working very well… FM, ADSB, DMR, TETRA.

A wish list for further features would be;

squelch control
moving the cursor in frequency steps, rather than random tuning
ability to scan frequency list entries
ability to make a frequency list within Excel. csv format?
show colour code/talkgroup in DMR mode

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the effort put into openear.


thanks for your attention
all of suggestion can be done but on near future
you’re welcome


In the current release you also need to provide your own rtlsdr.dll file, which can be obtained from your SDR# folder, or directly from the Osmocom windows release (rename librtlsdr.dll to rtlsdr.dll).
73,19AC728 Michiel


Does it support other devices than rtlsdr? Would like to use my airspy r2.


currently only rtl-usb and .wav i/q are supported ,
on next releases i try to add multi hardware support but not exact date is determined

Waqar Ul Haq

Hi, i was trying to download openEar but found nothing over github. Will it be up again? And does it support hackrf?


Anyone problem with missing rtlsdr.dll file when running exe?

david jones

the best version ever , Tetra works for the first time. and now can save settings for each frequency , keep it moneriom. thanks for everything

RF Guy

no new protocols so far…