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In Car ADS-B with a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user adsbrus shows us his project which is an in car ADS-B aircraft tracker using a Raspberry Pi mini computer and an RTL-SDR. The system uses an LCD screen mounted where the car radio usually is to show aircraft identifier, altitude, and speed information in text.

ADS-B in CAR (Raspberry PI & USB TV RTL2832U+R820T)

RTL1090 Beta 2 Updated to Build 102

Popular ADS-B decoding software for the RTL-SDR RTL1090 has updated it’s beta version to build 102. This new build has the following improvements

– Decoder improved by brute force 1-bit error correction and brute force DF11 and DF17 override for unknown DFs. This may be tough stuff for slow computers. If your computer slows down considerably return to a previous version please.

– Tabs introduced – List/Table selection moved to Tabs.

– Stats tab added: this brings back the previous status bar info about USB packets per second.

– II/SI tab added. This tab adds the ability to quickly scan the Mode-S interrogator codes around. A “radar1090.txt” file can be added to the rtl1090 folder that holds II/SI code decodings. A sample file is attached. The II/SI collection can be reset by a right mouse click action. The recently seen codes and the last aircraft responding with that code are display in red onwhite.

– Context menu (right mouse click) for text window, “listhold” established by menu selection, revoked by mouse click.

You can download the latest beta from http://rtl1090.com

Update: RTL-SDR Running ADS-B on a Quadrocopter now with Augmented Reality Display

Previously we showed a post on how John Wiseman was able to get ADS-B decoding with dump1090 running on his AR.Drone with an RTL-SDR stick so that he could track the locations of other aircraft. He has now gone further and implemented an Augmented Reality style ADS-B aircraft radar display on his AR.Drone. Check out the video he posted showing it in action below.

PUBG VIP mission, 6 kills

AR Drone with Augmented Reality ADS-B using RTL-SDR

RTL1090 Series 2 Beta Released

A new beta version of the RTL1090 ADS-B decoding software for the rtl-sdr has been released. Currently, it seems only the GUI has been improved, but the author plans on soon adding the following improvements

  • Start with Windows and Resume from hibernate/standby
  • DO260 A/B and signal strength processing for HTTP server
  • Improve Mode-S and Mode A/C decoder
  • Complete autoupdate
  • Log file selection from config dialog
  • MLAT counter accuracy
  • Renovate SISEX design

See the Yahoo Groups release post here for the full build change notes, and download the beta from their website here.

New RTL1090 Series 2 Beta

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Discone Vs. Homemade Collinear for ADS-B

YouTube user nerdsville shows a signal reception comparison of his discone antenna and his home made 1090 MHz tuned ADS-B collinear antenna in this video. The collinear antenna shows a dramatic improvement over the discone.

ADS-B is a broadcast system which can be used to track aircraft like a radar. More information about rtl-sdr and ADS-B here.

Demonstrating performance of home made 1090MHz ADS-B collinear

ADSB# Plugin for SDRSharp

Update and Note: This plugin appears to be now dead. If you are simply looking for the ADSB# standalone program (not the plugin), it is located in the SDR# install folder from sdrsharp.com.

A user by the name of darkscout.rm on the SDRSharp Yahoo group has posted version 3 of his ADSB# plugin for SDRSharp. The main purpose of this plugin is that it allows the waterfall to viewed at the same time as decoding, which may help with visually tuning the gain settings, or experimenting with ways to block out out of band interference. He has also added in a 1-bit error recovery by brute force option, which is used in dump1090 and may improve decode performance.

ADSB# is a standalone program to receive ADS-B signals and my ADS-B plugin does the same but from within SDR#. Continue reading