TechMinds: Using Public Online SDRs without SDR Hardware

This weeks video on the TechMinds channel explores the various online web SDRs that are available to access for free. Accessing these online SDRs does not require any hardware apart from a PC and internet connection, although of course you are then receiving signals from a different location to yourself. 

In the video he shows how to access the SDR# Spy Server Network which mostly consists of Airpsy and RTL-SDR units, the SDR-Console V3 Server network which consists of a wide array of different SDRs, the browser based WebSDR network which is mostly soundcard based SDRs but also RTL-SDR and other SDRs, and finally the KiwiSDR network which is made up of KiwiSDRs.

Using Software Defined Radio Without SDR Hardware - WebSDR

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Joe Cizin

As a wise man once said,” We don’t need no stinking badgers”

Kenny C

i tried it just for kicks, its okay, i once bought a KiwiSDR and wanted to set it up for the website they had i had a G5RV up high in the clear in a rural area clear of any man made noise, but they would not allow me to be included on their website because i dont have a ham radio license, what a joke not all people that listen to HF/Shortwave have a ham license, some people are only interested in listening, oh well, its all water under the bridge now, i threw the kiwisdr and beaglebone it was attached to in the trash because it overheats a lot, glad i have a couple of nice airspyHF+ and SDRPlay, and rtlsdr for my pocket

Bjarne Mjelde

You know you didn’t have to register on Registering on requires no ham license and is the way to go.


Really? You should have let me know. I would have given you all your money back.



That is incorrect, and your posting seems to have confused others.

Just to clarify.

The KiWi’s are free to use.

Just one site that listed the KiWi’s introduced a requirement to register with something approximating to a call sign.

Other sites listing KiWi’s have always been available and still are.

Ladislav OK1UNL

Hi Martin, Kenny and Co.
You can try another one remote receiver configuration. For example Elad S2 + SDR Console SW.
Kiwi I tried a lot of and there is a problematic only low pass filter on front end. Also Airspy Discovery.
These recirvers listening for example Radio Romania on 7MHz ham radio band, also local NDB “PK” me found on HF etc….. a lot of “phantoms” and mirrors receiving. This problem is depending on using higher gain antenna.
Have a nice day 73! Ladislav

GiamMa-based researchers

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