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Using Xastir with the RTL-SDR

Xastir is a Linux based program that is used for plotting Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) data on a map. APRS is is type of packet radio system used by ham radio for real time local area digital communications. It is often used for sending messages, plotting positions on a map or providing weather station data.

Over on his blog, KJ6VVZ’s has uploaded a post showing how he was able to get the RTL-SDR working with Xastir. He uses rtl_fm piped into MultimonNG for the APRS decoding and then sends the decoded APRS information to Xastir via a FIFO buffer.

Xastir Message Log
Xastir Message Log

Decoding APRS with SDR#, APRSISCE32 and an RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user k2nccvids has posted a video showing how he was able to decode APRS signals and plot them on a map using APRSISCE32. APRSISCE32 is an advanced Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) decoder which has mapping capabilities and can also connect to the internet as an iGate. APRS is used by amateur radio hobbyists to send data like messages, announcements and also GPS coordinates.


Monitoring APRS with the RTL-SDR

YouTube user Troy McQuinn has uploaded a video showing how he is able to decode amateur radio APRS signals. APRS is an acronym for Automatic Packet Reporting System and is used by ham radio users to send data like messages, announcements and also GPS coordinates. To decode APRS he uses SDR# and pipes the audio to QTMM AFSK 1200 Decoder.


Setting up an APRS iGate with the RTL-SDR

Over on Pawel Janowski’s blog (SQ7MRU) a writeup on how to set up an APRS iGate receiver with an RTL-SDR and cubieboard mini computer has been posted. The article has been written in Polish, but can be translated using Google Translate.

APRS stands for Automatic Packet Reporting System and is usually used by Amateur radio operators to broadcast the current GPS coordinates of something such as a transmitter site/car/boat or high altitude amateur balloon. These APRS packets are received by an iGate and then put onto the internet. Check out aprs.fi for an example.

To create an APRS iGate, Pawel runs a RTL-SDR compatible python program called pymultimonaprs which is used to receive and broadcast the APRS data on to the internet.